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6 Beauty Trends That Will Dominate 2020

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29 Dec 2019

Every year, new interesting trends appear in the beauty industry. So, what beauty trends will shape fashion in 2020?

Retro Hairstyle

Hairstyles with a voluminous pony-tail in the style of the 60’s are back in fashion. Complemented with massive accessories, these hairstyles can create a very romantic look.

African Braids

Unusual hairstyles in ethnic style will also be incredibly popular in 2020, but the stars are already actively trying on this trend.

Voluminous Hair Accessories

In 2019, a variety of hair accessories were extremely trendy, but in 2020, stylists want to take this trend to a new level. Next year, voluminous oversized hair decoration will be in fashion.

"Euphoria" Makeup Looks

One of the most popular TV series in 2019 created an entire trend for bright noticeable makeup in neon shades, using sparkles and geometric eyelines.

Gender-neutral Products

Such brands as Fenty Beauty, Milk Makeup, and Fluide have launched gender-neutral cosmetics. Now companies produce cosmetics that can be used by both women and men. The changes also affected the marketing strategies of brands, which now appeal to male buyers, too.

Eyelines on the Upper Eyelid

Next year, stylists offer a new use of eyeliner and emphasize the upper eyelid, not the eyelash area. To do this, you can use juicy neon colors - it turns out an interesting festive image.

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