Autumn nails 2019: what is fashionable?

Manicure is one of the most important components of your image. What design of nails will be in fashion this fall? Which trends are hopelessly outdated, and which will be in fashion for at least another season?


Nude manicure is unlikely to ever go out of fashion: it is universal for any look and for any occasion. This is one of the few acceptable manicure options for a strict business style, so it definitely will not go into the category of non-trends. The same can be said about the classic French manicure. However, this season masters suggest to experiment and try a color or even asymmetric French nails.


Warm colors

During the fall warm colors associated with the surrounding nature will be relevant. Yellow, orange, red - the colors of autumn leaves - will be relevant as never before. It is better to use slightly muted shades: wine, camel color and so on.

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A manicure with a variety of prints has been in trends throughout 2019 year, and autumn will not be an exception. Animal prints will remain especially fashionable: cheetah, tiger, zebra. Floral prints are also in fashion. On the other hand, experts advise not to overdo with the design: for example, make a few nails with a print, and cover the rest with a monotone colors. So the image will become even more piquant.



For those who do not like too bright manicure, the masters remind that minimalism is still relevant. Neat and discreet drawings or ornaments on one or two nails look very gentle and fresh, but they are not eye-catching.

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Abstract patterns

A manicure with abstract patterns will look very bold. Again, it is better not to overload the image: if you chose a bright and active ornament, then let it alternate with monotone colors. More calm patterns can be applied to all nails.



A bright strip at the edges of the nail will refresh a plain manicure. During the fall gold-colored circling will be especially popular. Some designers offer to take the bold step and combine circling with other trends, for example, marble nails.


Oblique shaped nails

A very unusual and at the same time ambiguous trend is Oblique shaped manicure. If you are tired of the traditional form of nails, such as a oval, soft square, ballerina and others, then a manicure of such a beveled and irregular shape will help to diversify your image. Neil masters already promise that this form of nails will become the most popular this fall.


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