Down with Styler: Ariana Grande Shows How Her Hair Looks Without Styling

Ariana Grande showed fans how her hair looks without styling and the famous ponytail.

For the period of self-isolation, many celebrities decided to refuse not only makeup, but also styling. So, the 26-year-old singer Ariana Grande shared a photo, featuring her without styling and her signature high ponytail.

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The picture shows the singer with naturally curled hair with a real beach styling effect. This is the rare case when Ariana didn’t straighten her hair and do a ponytail, which is considered an important part of her image since 2014.

Fans were delighted with Grande's hairstyle. “You are so cute with curls!”, “Please leave such a styling!”, “Just look at these curls!”, “I'm in love with them!” – Ariana’s subscribers, including many celebrities, love it.


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