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Fall 2019 hairstyle trends

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11 Sep 2019

Autumn is a great time to change your style a bit. Why not try a new hairstyle? Let’s find out what hairstyles will be in trend this fall!

Bob haircut

This fall short haircuts will be in fashion, and perhaps the most universal option here is bob hairstyle. This haircut has so many variations and subspecies that you can easily choose the option that is right for you. A bob on the leg will add volume to the hair, a graduated bob will add charm, and a typical blunt bob is suitable for office and business meetings. If you are afraid to part with your long curls, then consider such an option as an long bob, or as it is also called lob. This way you refresh your image, but you do not have to shorten the length too much. When choosing a bob haircut, be sure to consider the structure of the hair. There is a myth that short hair is easier to style. On the contrary, the shorter the haircut, the more difficult it is to give the hairstyle a well-groomed appearance.

Garcon and pixie

Still relevant and trendy haircuts for a short length are garcon and pixie. Almost all Hollywood divas have already tried on a pixie haircut. This is a short haircut of uneven length (not lower than the upper part of the ear), the presence of bangs is mandatory, the strands stick out to the sides, which really makes the owner of such a haircut look like a fairy. Garson vaguely resembles a pixie, but it has more even and smooth transitions. These haircuts will be especially popular during the fall. Stylists also suggest experimenting with colouring, for example, choosing contrasting colors for highlighting.


This is another way to diversify the image. Here, as well as with length, it is better not to focus on fashion, but to choose what suits you. But during the fall stylists will not limit us to strict frames and offer a wide variety of bangs options. The parted bangs  visually make the face thinner. Side-swept bangs are suitable for those who do not really like it when their hair gets into your eyes as it is only a few centimeters shorter than the main length of the hair, and it will be easier to style than a regular short bang. Asymmetrical bangs look more interesting, but for her styling you will have to use special tools. Owners of curly hair can also indulge in the pleasure of wearing bangs as curly bangs have become a new trend in fashion catwalks this year. This hairstyle looks very playful and interesting.

Taper haircuts

One of the most daring trends is tapered haircuts. They look cheeky and stylish and are suitable for both owners of long hair and lovers of short length. Such a haircut opens up space for experiments. You can learn new styling methods, put your hair on one side to create a bold look, and you can evenly distribute your hair to hide the shaved area at any time. Shave nape bob is one of the variations of this hairstyle. If you really want something new, you can shave some pattern on the back of your head, as dozens of girls do.

Natural curls

Hollywood waves have already managed to become boredom, but natural, slightly careless curls can be called a new trend! Owners of naturally curly hair can put hair dryers aside as naturally dried hair will have exactly the effect that stylists are so keen on. Such a hairstyle is hardly suitable for owners of straight hair. If the waves can stay on straight hair for a long enough time, then the curls will quickly get straight, and the hairstyle will look like you have fluffy hair.

Wet hair look

Hair-dressing with the effect, like after a shower, can often be seen on fashion catwalks, but in everyday life only the bravest girls can afford this option. To create the effect of wet hair you will need a gel and fixing varnish. In general, this styling is more suitable for a festive occasion than for everyday life, since the next day the hairstyle will look messy. If you still want to experiment, then hurry up, because rain and wind will spoil the styling, and even if not, hats and hoods will do it. Another trend from the catwalks that you should not rush to put into practice is slicked hairstyle.


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