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Fast Weight Loss: Are Express Diets Good for You, As They Say

Every girl dreams of having a perfect shape, especially if she waits for some important event, such as her wedding or company party in the near future. Many Instagram bloggers claim that so-called express diets will help you quickly get in shape and get rid of extra pounds.

Let’s concentrate on whether express diets help you to quickly get rid of excess weight and how harmful they are.

What is an express diet


There are many different types of diets: mono, low-carb, protein, sushi diet, rice, salt-free, raw food. Of all these, the greatest number of myths and prejudices are associated with express diets.

The express diet, just like any fast diet, has no long-lasting effect. However, if you need to get rid of a few extra pounds in a week, then first of all change your ration. Exclude the following products:

  • sugar fruit;
  • sweets and cakes;
  • pickles and fatty foods;
  • alcohol;
  • juice and soda.

At the same time, in any case, you shouldn’t sharply reduce the caloric content of the diet. Try to eat a sectionally, every two to three hours. Portions should be small, and your menu should consist of vegetables, dairy products, poultry, lean meats and fish. Instead of a candy bar, eat an apple or nuts. You will soon notice: keeping this diet, the feeling of fullness will last much longer than eating fast food or other fatty foods. It is also necessary to drink at least 1800 ml of water a day.

Myths about the benefits of Superfoods


Recently, TV screens and covers of glossy magazines told us about such a new trend as the juice diet. Instagram bloggers teach us that celery, smoothies, Superfoods, oatmeal and fresh juices are extremely useful for breakfast. It is believed that these products must be included in a diet to lose weight fast. In fact, all is not so simple.

For example, celery has a diuretic effect. It will really help flush excess water from the body, but won’t get rid of fat. By the way, abuse of this product may lead to gastrointestinal disorders, headaches and other unpleasant side effects.

Goji berries are nothing but a good marketing ploy. As it turned out, they also have a diuretic effect. Rose, cranberries or blueberries dried hips cost less, while the result will be absolutely the same.

Fresh juice for breakfast will only lead to heartburn, stomach pain, while too frequent use of it can cause the development of ulcers. It is better to replace it with a milkshake with the addition of cottage cheese or yogurt and a couple of spoons of juice - this will be more satisfying and healthy for the body.

How to eat balanced


It is important to understand that sudden changes in nutrition are dangerous for the body. You need to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet not only a week before a vacation or a company party, but throughout your life.

Your diet should become your lifestyle. In order to put your diet in order, you can conduct a simple experiment and start keeping a diary of a healthy diet. It can be a notepad, an application on the phone or any other format convenient for you. Make a note of every meal or snack, even if you are completely sure that your diet is correct. So it will be easier for you to give up harmful snacks and start eating proper and healthy food.


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