"Foxy eyes": what do we know about new beauty trend and how Bella Hadid is involved in this

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Recently, a new cosmetic procedure, which everyone calls "foxy eyes", is gaining popularity. Although in fact, it has an official medical name - blepharoplasty. “Foxy eyes” can be done without the doctors’ intervention, but all methods have their own nuances. We are going to tell you where the trend for a shifty-eyed look came from, what ways it can be achieved, and to whom of the celebrities it suits the most.

This beauty trend has gained huge popularity with the filing of 23-year-old supermodel Bella Hadid, who was recently named the most beautiful woman in the world. Her features are as close to perfect as possible - this is the conclusion of the English plastic surgeon, Julian De Silva, who compared the photos of the model with the common formula in the art of the Golden section.


One of the most attractive features of Bella Hadid is almond-shaped eyes, the form of which she always emphasizes by the makeup. This look has a special name in the people - "foxy" or "catty". Few people get such an eye shape from nature (experts say that Bella Hadid isn’t a native owner, too), but there are several ways to create it-from surgery to makeup techniques. The essence of all procedures is to physically or visually lift the outer corner of the upper eyelid and slightly pull it to the temples – so the look will be added a cunning squint, which recently so eager to get by many girls in the world. Here are the most common ways to become the owner of the "foxy look".


Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery that involves the eye incision changing by removing excess skin or fat. Usually this procedure is used to correct the shape of the overhanging eyelid or rejuvenation.

This operation is very common in cosmetic clinics and is performed under local anesthesia. This facilitates the period of rehabilitation and reduces the risks in the process of the surgeon.

Specialist's opinion

Leonard Virabyan, a plastic surgeon of "LINLINE» clinic

"My attitude to this operation is negative, as well as to the removal of buccal fat pads. These operations are imposed by social networks’ trends, which tend to change. And they change very quickly – like Kim Kardashian's outfits. But experiments with the face are more expensive than with the wardrobe. In the literal and figurative sense. These operations are usually done at a young age. Without thinking about what effect it can bring in the long term.Blepharoplasty is one of my favorite procedures. It’s not traumatic, has a quick rehabilitation period and a stable effect. After it, you look as if you loose 5-7 years-eyes are opened, and together with it all face is refreshed. However, I try to perform blepharoplasty strictly according to the indications-when the patient has excess skin and orbital fiber (hernia). Before the procedure, we specify what we want to get as the result. And I know for a fact that it will be exactly what my patient wants. But if she asks me to make "foxy eyes" for her, I will send her to think. And even if she is absolutely sure, I won’t perform this "transformation". However, I don’t condemn my colleagues-cosmetologists and plastic surgeons who embody any "wishful thinking" of their patients".


One variant of canthoplasty is that the plastic surgeon slightly incisions the skin in the outer corner of the eye, thereby making it more elongated. Doctors don’t recommend this procedure for people with severe myopia or high blood pressure, and the average rehabilitation period can reach 20 days.

Tightening with reinforcing threads

Thread lifting is a non-surgical facelift procedure that allows you to simulate the position of the corners of the lips, eyes, eyebrows and correct the chin line. Special threads are inserted under the skin and fixed in those areas that require tightening.

Threads differ in composition and size. The thinnest one are injected with special needles, and this procedure is considered to be safe and low-traumatic. Threads are absorbable, permanent and even made of precious metals. The most common side effects of thread lifting are allergic reactions, swelling and bruising, but this procedure doesn’t involve serious operations and gives an instantly noticeable result.

Temporal lift and Botox

You can lift the upper corner of the eye with the help of hardware and non-hardware facelift and Botox, and injections will bring the best result. All kinds of ultrasonic and massage devices will give a temporary and unreliable effect.

When contacting a specialist, it’s important to consider your individuality and listen to all the doctor’s advice. Any surgery has its drawbacks and consequences, so showing the doctor a Bella Hadid’s photo and proclaiming "I do want so!", you should think about all the pros and cons.

Specialist's opinion

Daria Yakushevich, head of the Department of facial and body aesthetics, X-Clinic

“Speaking about the consequences and contraindications, it should be remembered that any injection procedures carry risks. They associated with violation of the integrity of the skin. Also, there is a risk of asymmetry and irregularities (retractions) on the skin in the thread version of the correction. Botulinum therapy can also be fraught with asymmetry. Hardware lifting options don’t have such formidable complications. All these methods’ contraindications are very similar - these are severe comorbidities, disorders of the blood coagulation system, taking certain groups of drugs. Although, in my opinion, it’s very important not only to have no contraindications, but also to have indications.

Make up

The most harmless and painless way to make a "foxy look" is to draw it with cosmetics. Previously, you can adjust the shape of your eyebrows, removing a clear corner and slightly pulling the line up. Elongated thin eye lines or smoky eyes, shaded to the temples, will help to emphasize the look. Also, when you apply mascara, try to focus on the outer corner of the eye, moving the brush a little to the side.

You can also use Bella Hadid’s famous make-up trick and draw the water line with a white or pink pencil – so your eyes will look a little bigger.


Tricks from celebrities

Not everyone wants to do plastic surgery or work on the creation of complex makeup. This summer, the stars launched a new ******* trend, which users nicknamed "the strained eye". To make an attractive photo celebrities propped their heads with hand, thereby stretching and narrowing the eye. Of course, this is not a 100% Bella Hadid’s image, but in general it looks quite similar. We’ve collected the most striking examples of this Insta-trend.

Kendall Jenner


Bella Hadid (and here she's back!)


Gigi Hadid


Hailey Baldwin


Elena Perminova



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