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Hailey Bieber Shares a Beauty Tip That She Learned From Kendall Jenner

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11 Mar 2020

Despite the busy touring schedule, the 23-year-old model always manages to look amazing. In a new interview with Elle, the girl shared her beauty secrets with fans (by the way, the celebrity “borrowed” one beauty technique from her friend Kendall Jenner). “I love beauty trends from the '90s. I'm obsessed with them! I've always been into a pop of something cool like neon on the eye. I'm also into what people are doing with little crystals on the face right now. Kendall [Jenner] just put crystals on her hairline for something and I thought it was so clever and cute.”

Hailey's favorite way to relax is a warm bath with plenty of essential oils and massage. On the beach, the model mainly appears with no makeup, feeling naturally and sexy. By the way, the celebrity admitted that she would never return to ultra-thin eyebrows.

Hailey Bieber also shared how she was choosing her beauty look for the wedding ceremony, that took place in September 2019. “For my wedding day, I knew I wanted it to be very me, just not too much makeup. I knew I wasn't going to want to be the person where I was going to walk out of my wedding to go touch up my makeup. I wanted it to be easy to just dance the rest of the night and just hang out and not have to really worry about it. So it was fairly natural.”

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