Hair Care in Winter: Rules You Need to Follow

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In the cold seasons, hair suffers from low temperatures, which negatively affect their condition. They also suffer from warm indoor air, which dries the strands. As a result, the curls become limp and damaged, electrified and confused, and the healthy tips quickly turns into brittle and split. Compulsory winter accessory - a hat - complement the picture. Even under the most stylish headdress, any hairstyle quickly loses its shape and volume, and your hair is no longer fresh and well-groomed. What should we do?

The solution is in proper care

We can avoid hair problems in winter by using proper care. Stylists agree that it shouldn’t be radically different from ordinary: a sharp change in care and styling products can further damage your hair.

In winter, it is better to choose a hydrating mask and conditioner of the brand, which products you use in normal period. This time of year, dry and brittle hair that lacks hydration and nutrition are especially suffering. For such hair, use moisturizing masks and conditioners. By the way, moisturizer will help to solve problems with electrifying, which is the consequences of the lack of moisture in the curls.

Caring for hair in winter, stick to the Golden mean. Frequent use of masks can weigh hair down and give the opposite effect – they will become more dry, look limp and dirty. The best option is to apply an intense conditioning stuff once a week or two. The rest of the time, after shampooing it is better to use light conditioners and balms, suitable for your hair type and apply the product only on length, in no case not on the roots.

1 - shampoo with hyaluronic acid to increase volume of thin hair, Labo Crosprophar; 2 - conditioner for normal hair, Coconut Milk, Easy Spa; 3 - moisture mask Hair Treatment Moisture Seasons, Demi Professional; 4 nutritional oil for thick and hard hair Moist Iceberg, Demi Professional; 5 - moisturizing hair mask, Eveline; 6 - mask for dry and damaged hair with coconut oil and glycerin, L'oreal Professionnel

Once a month, stylists recommend using hair scrub – exfoliating means gently and deeply cleanse the scalp, remove residues of styling products and excess sebum. Regular use of scrub will speed up the metabolism and stimulate blood circulation, allowing the active ingredients of masks and conditioners are better absorbed, and hair will stay fresh and clean longer.

Don’t rub your hair after shampooing! It’s enough to wrap them with a towel and leave it for ten minutes. As soon as the wet strands dry a little, you can comb them with a brush. Curly hair, on the contrary, should not be combed in a dry state. It is better to sprinkle the strands with a smoothing spray or leave-in conditioner, then carefully disassemble with your fingers and form curls.

1 - revitalizing shampoo-Natural Tech Detoxifying scrub, Davines; 2 - regenerating exfoliation for the scalp Nioxin 3D Expert; 3 - peeling-shampoo Lunden Ilona

In winter, give up styling products with strong fixation – they will dry up your hair and make them even more brittle. If you want to give curls structure and volume, you can use a light spray.

1 - texturizing spray, Toni&Guy; 2 - texturizing spray, Paul Mitchell; 3 - two-phase spray for easy combing hair, Mixit

How to dry hair properly

In the cold season, it is important to dry your hair properly. The air flow It is better to sprinkle the strands with a smoothing spray or leave-in conditioner, then carefully disassemble with your fingers and form curls. This technique will help to close the cuticle of the hair, so the curls will look more smooth and shiny.

Be sure to add leave-in moisturizing serum in your hair care. Apply a few drops to dried strands to give the hair a shine. But it is better to give up oils – they can dry your hair even more. You should use natural oils before shampooing to keep the tips healthy and elastic.

1 - the styling spray Frizz Ease, John Frieda; 2 - oil for hair Hitoyoni Relaxing Oil Care, Demi Professional; 3 - brush with natural bristles, evo; 4 - sensitive air conditioning leave-in spray Dede, davines; 5 - serum for dry and damaged hair, Fresh Line

A dry shampoo also gets in the black list in winter – it dries the scalp, so it can cause irritation and hair loss. The volume of the curls can be given by styling (pay attention to hairdryer with a diffuser or round brush). Fans of straightening their hair should give up ironing until spring - high temperature of styling will additionally dry the hair, pulling all the moisture out of it, making it more brittle. By the way, winter is a good reason to try on a new hairstyle, for example, sloppy French curls, that perfectly retain their shape in winter.

Speaking about hair care, many people underestimate combs, but they shouldn’t. It depends on them whether the hair is shining, damaged or electrified. To avoid hair problems, it is better to prefer brushes with natural pile or with wooden prongs.

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