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How to apply patches? Instructions for use

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How to apply patches? Instruction for use

The popularity of patches reflects the global trend for natural beauty. The beauty industry claims that it’s enough to properly stick patches, hold them for a certain time, and dark circles or bags under the eyes won’t remain even a trace or, at least, they are significantly minimized. We figured out whether this is actually the case and how to properly use the patches to make them work.

How to apply patches under the eyes

Have you ever wondered how to apply patches under the eyes? It turns out that their unusual shape is for a reason – it makes it possible to experiment and achieve the desired effect.


Task is to remove bruises

The patch should be placed with wide side to the inner corner of the eye.

Task is to remove bags under the eyes and swelling

The patch is placed so with narrow side to the inner corner of the eye.

Task is to remove crow's feet

Place the patch on the place where the grid of small wrinkles is usually located.

How else can patches be used?

Patches is a universal tool in beauty care. With their help, you can also remove facial imperfections. We’re going to tell about two ways that are definitely worth taking note of.

Task is to remove wrinkles between eyebrows

Take one patch and place it on your forehead vertically.

The task is to reduce facial wrinkles on the chin

Place the patches on the nasolabial folds area.


What types of patches are there, how do they differ and how to use them correctly?


Hydrogel patches are made from a water-based material that contains a high concentration of active substances. Their action depends on the composition of the serum and is aimed at solving the most common problems.

Hydrogel patches can reduce swelling, smooth and moisturize the skin, and remove signs of fatigue. Many beauty bloggers advise to keep them in the refrigerator, to enhance the effect and additional cooling. Hydrogel patches are tight to the skin, so you can safely go about your business with them.


Fabric patches is an express remedy that can quickly transform the skin (moisturize and tone), but won’t get rid of deep wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Cosmetologists advise to keep them on the face as much as it’s written on the package, and not a minute longer. Otherwise, they will start to dry and "pull" moisture from the skin.

1-Melting patches with lifting effect. Dr Jart+; 2-hydrogel patches with aloe Holika Holika; 3-smoothing patches against signs of aging Guerlain; 4 - hyaluronic mask-patch Thalgo; 5 - hydrogel patches Petitfee; 6-lifting eye patches with amber granules and serum Ansaligy; 7-fabric patches with ginseng Erborian; 8-patches with caffeine OMG! Double Dare; 9 - fabric anti-stress patches for sensitive skin Shine is 


Liquid patches is a new invention of the beauty market, which can be found not in every brand. In fact, it’s a cream or gel, and the word "patches" in the name simply defines the application area. The format has its advantages – such masks don’t roll down and don’t slide, but in order to get a visible effect, they need to be used daily.

Patches with microneedles

Microneedle patches are based on mesotherapy technology that came from cosmetology. Their inner surface consists of dissolving in the skin "needles", that penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis and deliver the active ingredients there. The effectiveness of such patches depends on the quality of hyaluronic acid and the number of microneedles. So, their composition may include caffeine, salicylic acid and peptides.

Melting patches

Melting patches were created in order to transform a beauty routine into interactive element. This technology isn’t considered particularly effective or useful among cosmetologists.

The trick is that you need to apply a composition under the eyes, that is quickly absorbed, and to stick a fabric patch on top to enhance the effect. So far, melting patches can be found only in some foreign brands, but they are beginning to win their place in the industry.