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Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Secrets

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11 Feb 2020

Today, February 11, Friends star and one of the most popular Hollywood actresses Jennifer Aniston celebrates her birthday. Hard to believe, but Jennifer turns 51. Not only her fans but also experts from the beauty industry repeatedly note that Aniston doesn’t look a day over 30. So, what are the secrets of her youth?

Natural ingredients

In an interview, Jennifer admitted that when it comes to self-care, she prefers to use products, composed of simple ingredients. For many years, Aniston has been the face of the brand Aveeno, and, according to her, her collaboration with the brand helped her realize that natural ingredients are much more effective in skin care than products that contain chemical components.

Rejection of aggressive treatments

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"What can bring visible results now, may harm in the long run," Aniston say about the popular anti-aging procedures. According to the actress, she refused aggressive cosmetic procedures, for example, using a laser, as they bring only temporary results, while harms the skin condition.

Home care

So now Jennifer prefers to carry out anti-aging procedures at home. Aniston is a fan of several beauty gadgets. One of her favorites is Jillian Dempsey’s gold bar. By the way, Julia Roberts, Kristen Stewart, and other Hollywood celebrities are also fond of this beauty gadgets.

Beauty treatments

Jennifer Aniston has another tip: the actress regularly visits the beautician. Jennifer is a regular customer of one of the most demanded beauty experts in Hollywood – Toska Husted.

According to Toska, Jennifer regularly conducts a special skin care procedure, which accelerates cellular metabolism. The procedure involves deep cleansing and exfoliation of the skin with the use of serum, which the professional selects, taking into account individual characteristics of the client. An important part of the procedure is a manual lifting which is harmless for skin. The expert argues that this approach to care helps Jennifer to maintain her youth and health.

Healthy tan

Anti-aging haircut

The right haircut is another secret of Aniston's beauty and freshness. The actress prefers to do textural haircuts that add volume to her hairstyle and emphasize the oval of the face, while distracting attention from small wrinkles.

Meditation and healthy lifestyle

Jennifer takes self-care procedures as a good habit. In the morning, the actress always devotes enough time to beauty routine. Another useful Aniston’s habit is regular meditation and training, which allows her to lead a more conscious lifestyle and helps to set herself and her body in a positive way.


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