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Lip Care: Why It Is Necessary

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11 Feb 2020

Lip skin is thin, delicate and therefore especially vulnerable – due to the lack of the stratum corneum, it often suffers from temperature extremes, too hot or too cold air, gusty wind or bright sun. Even small changes in external factors can ruin the cell renewal process– it often causes chapping and the appearance of sores and cracks. To avoid discomfort and keep your lips smooth and soft, good care and the right products will definitely help you.

Basic rules

You need to start taking care of the lips from proper cleansing. Beauticians recommend removing a lipstick and other make-up products using a special cream or any vegetable oil – olive oil, for example, additionally moisturizes and softens lips.

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Special scrubs can also be useful. They contain nourishing oils and special nourishing ingredients that will moisturize, soften, heal and protect lips. By the way, the peeling will help to remove flaking and to update the top layer of the skin, so the active ingredients of care products will penetrate deep into cells and heal the skin from within. Instead of special cosmetic scrub, you can use any product with non-coarse abrasive particles, for example, sugar-coated honey, ground oatmeal or fine granulated sugar with a drop of any vegetable oil. beauticians recommend doing the exfoliation procedure one to two times a week.

Every time before going out, it is necessary to protect lips. Products based on wax or nourishing oils such as Shea butter, jojoba, coconut or almond will perfectly cope with this task. They not only soften, but also have healing effect. It would be nice, if composition of the skin care products contains regenerating components, such as vitamin A or panthenol.

But as a night care, it is better to use balms based on hyaluronic acid, it will fill the water balance and activate the skin regeneration processes. In the morning, your lips will be soft and smooth.

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Lip makeup

Speaking about makeup, beauticians advise to give up matte lipsticks in cold season. This cosmetic product often contains components that severely dry lips – not the best option for cold season. Instead of matte lipstick, you can use tint balms and creamy lipsticks. Gel based lip glosses are also not a good option: under the influence of low temperatures, the gel becomes more dense, pulling and causing cracks.

In summer, you can safely experiment with any decorative cosmetics and trendy textures. A special makeup bases will protect and further smooth the delicate skin of the lips.


Inner voice

Dry lips can be caused not only by negative environmental factors, but also by the deficiency of vitamins A and E. To make up for it, it is important to eat foods rich in healthy fats: avocado, nuts, fatty fish, eggs and dairy products. You can take a special multivitamin complex, but after consulting a doctor. If cracks on the lips bother you too often, it’s high time to abandon sour fruits, pickled vegetables and hot sauces – these products can provoke or aggravate skin problems.

Dry lips can also indicate a general dehydration of the body. To avoid this, it is important not to forget to drink enough clean water throughout the day.

And if the cracks are healed slowly or appear again, you should buy a special ointment or any cream based on panthenol at the pharmacy – it will soothe irritated skin, soften and heal wounds.

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