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In 5 Minutes: Kim Kardashian Does Makeup Tutorial

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27 Mar 2020

Kim Kardashian often shares her beauty secrets with her fans. This time, she recorded a video, showing how to make the perfect contouring in five minutes. This makeup may become the basis for everyday and evening makeup.

Despite the fact that Kim uses only products of her beauty brand, they can be replaced by any similar – all you need is to choose the right shade. TV star says that she always starts her makeup with light moisturizer. She imposes it on clean face, that will help the rest of the funds to be perfectly blended. Then she applies a light concealer on forehead, under eyes area and around a nose to conceal redness and dark circles. The darker shade will be needed in order to highlight cheekbones, contour the face and to visually narrow the nose.

The key point of this makeup is to blend all products with a dense brush – Kim shows that you should do it with circular motion, until the funds haven’t dried yet. You can replace the brush to a damp sponge, sprinkled with thermal water. To give lips extra volume, Kim uses the same dark concealer – the beauty mogul also applies it on the upper and lower eyelids.

The only thing to add is a little shine. Apply some highlighter under the eyebrows, on the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, a tick above the upper lip, collarbone and shoulders and a little powder for the face. No mascara and a bright lipstick – Kim says that she does this make-up when she has no shooting or important events. But if you want something brighter, just add eyeshadow, pink blush, eyeliner and long-lasting matte lipstick – and a party makeup is ready!


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