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Naomi Campbell Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Naomi Campbell is clearly not bored while she is in “home imprisonment”: the supermodel uses the free time for herself. The other day, the celebrity decided to share her beauty secrets. Especially for those who are now sitting at home, swapping through a lot of news about the coronavirus, Naomi recorded a video, where she covered topics of not only beauty, but also health. By the way, the model has her own YouTube channel, where she often shares her beauty secrets and life hacks.

In a new video, the supermodel showed the vitamins and supplements that she daily includes in her diet, and spoke about their benefits. Naomi Campbell is very reverent about her health: remember those days when the supermodel appeared at the airport in a protective suit and didn’t part with antibacterial wipes. Therefore, the vitamins that the celebrity takes should be taken into account: however, be careful and first consult your doctor before completely copying Naomi’s healthy “diet”.