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“Old Tricks Don't Work”: Katie Holmes Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

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13 Mar 2020

Katie Holmes admitted that since she turned 40, her beauty care has changed significantly. Now the actress often puts on makeup and always uses a moisturizing lotion. But most of all, Katie Holmes is upset that her old beauty tricks, alas, don’t work.

I have older siblings; I'm the baby of five. So I was always the cute one, and you get used to being the little cute one. Then you wake up one day I'm basically always putting lotion on,the actress complains. Now there are a lot of skin care products in her cosmetics bag: “hyaluronic, face brightening, face cream, skin cream”.

“It's very odd. I used to get away with no makeup,” began Holmes. “When I was a teenager and a young actress, it was about being sort of grungy. Now I'm like, "Oh god, I have to do stuff!" It sounds so superficial, complains the actress. But, looking at Katie Holmes, we are sure, that her "suffering" is not in vain!

More than that, the celebrity is worried that now she has to be more careful in the gym and spend time stretching: Otherwise my back hurts, and it defeats the purpose. When you're 40-plus, you've really gotta take your vitamins,” she added.

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