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Proper Hair Care with Wella Professionals

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13 Sep 2019

The German company Wella, one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetics and hair care products in the world, has introduced a new haircare range designed to strengthen and protect color-treated hair. The assortment of the ColorMotion + lineup will include shampoos, lotions, masks and special service products for the coloring procedure. But first things first.

Why does dyed hair need special care?

Apparently the answer to this question is obvious. We want to preserve the new hair color for as long as possible, and therefore we need a care product to reduce color fading. But it is not that simple. A care product for color-treated hair should not only preserve color, but also have a healing effect on the structure of the hair itself. Color service makes hair more sensitive to environmental factors, such as weather, sun, wind. All this damages healthy curls, not to mention weakened dyed hair. In addition, washing and styling can also make colored hair brittle and dry. All these negative effects do not occur immediately, but soon you will notice that the hair became dull and lifeless.

Why is the new haircare range different from other products?

Typical color care products are only aimed at preventing color fading, which has a solely visual and aesthetic effect. The new products in the ColorMotion + line have been developed for another purpose. Their main task is not only to preserve the color of dyed hair as long as possible, but also to protect curls from the previously mentioned negative factors. However, both of these areas are interrelated, because the better the condition of the hair is, the longer the new hair color will remain. ColorMotion + acts in three ways at once: it provides color protection for up to 8 weeks, creates vibrant shine and strengthens the hair structure.

How does it work?

New Wella Professionals products combine the best  technologies of the company that have already proven themselves in previous series of hair care products. So, free Radicals Protection Technology encapsulates metals to reduce the formation of free radicals. The Hair Surface Polisher smooths the hair cuticles for improved shine and manageability. Finally, the Wellaplex Bonding Agent helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds, making them stronger.

What products will be included in the new range?

The ColorMotion + product line will include the following items.

  • Pre-color treatment

While modern hair colors are gentle to the scalp, many clients suffer from scalp irritation during the color process. Pre-color Scalp Protecting Lotion is specially designed to protect the scalp from potential irritation. Scalp Protect does not impact the color development and is developed FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.

Often hair has uneven porosity, and to avoid visible unevenness in color results, you should even out the base before coloring procedure. Structural Surface Enhancer enhances the quality of the hair surface, increases its smoothness and prepares hair for more even color results. It is perfect for highlighted or previously colored hair.

  • Post-color treatment

Color-treated hair needs a special shampoo that will remove the color residues gently after color service and help lock in color, while preserving smoothness and shine of the hair. Such a shampoo is included in the ColorMotion + line. It contains additional anti-oxidant helping to improve protection against free radicals. The shampoo foams well, is easily washed off and smells good.

Another product designed for professional use only is Express Post Color Treatment. It locks color molecules and improves color retention in just 30 seconds. Also, it optimizes pH after color service.

Hair care will not be completed without the use of a special mask. Restructuring mask STRUCTURE + MASK provides intensive treatment to colored hair, strengthens the hair structure, provides lasting manageability and shine. But, most importantly, the mask helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds to make them stronger and more resistant to external factors.

How to use new products?

The ColorMotion + lineup is compatible with all Wella Professionals products for coloring, care and styling. This means that you can use the new products in conjunction with your favorite hair care products. Also, the new lineup is an excellent partner with the Wella Color: color and care solutions.

Remember that color-treated hair will retain a new shade and shine longer only if it is properly prepared for the coloring procedure itself and with proper care after returning from the salon.

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