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Scientists Doubt that Beard Can Increase Man’s Attractiveness

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15 Jan 2020

For a modern man, a beard is the same attribute of beauty as a stylish hairstyle for a woman. Thanks to a variety of cosmetics and the spread of barbershops, beard care has become easier than ever. However, university researchers doubted that women could like this attribute of male attractiveness.

Scientists found women who don’t go for beards. They are likely to be repulsed by lice, fleas, ticks and other ectoparasites. And the scientists reckon the link stems from “our evolutionary past”. Women have fears, that such pests can transmit different diseases.

The question of whether facial hair enhances a man’s attractiveness or is a repulsive factor has long been debated. Now, scientist have taken over this question.

In the journal Royal Society Open Science, University of Stirling and University of Queensland published the results of a study. In this study, 919 predominantly heterosexual women between the ages of 18 and 70 were shown three male faces and asked to rate their attractiveness for both potential short and long-term relationships. Each of the three faces was shown both bearded and clean-shaven and presented with five levels of ‘masculinity’, with the trait defined by features such as full beards, a prominent jawline and brow, and deep set narrow eyes. The women also completed questionnaires measuring attitudes such as their revulsion in response to parasites that live on the body, and their desire to have children. It turned out, that the hipster beard is still popular with the opposite sex.

This is apparently because they were perceived to exude greater physical and social dominance.



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