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Top 6 Makeup Mistakes that Age You

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03 Feb 2020

Make-up failures happen to everyone. Learning from others' mistakes and dealing with beauty taboo by the example of celebrities.

The right makeup can create the illusion of youth and hide flaws. However, some of the make-up techniques have the opposite effect. It’s quite easy to overdo with powder or draw messy wings. Unsuccessful makeup can age you and will emphasize imperfections. No one is safe from beauty-failures, even celebrities. Let’s look at the example of stars, whose makeup techniques should be forgotten for good.

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Several accents at the same time

Bright lipstick is self-sufficient, therefore delicate wings and a drop of blush will be enough. Meanwhile, classic smoky eyes with this lipstick will look aggressive and heavy. If you do focus on the lips, your eye makeup should be more neutral. For example, Lady Gaga’s look turned out to be stage and grotesque because of improper emphasis. Dark lipstick, false lashes and rich colored eyebrows weighted the make-up of the singer. In everyday and holiday makeup, it’s important not to overdo with a bright lipstick. By the way, too dark lipstick draws attention to wrinkles around the mouth. So you need to use it with caution.

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The wrong shade of shadows

Perfect eye makeup can’t be imagined without the mosaic of eye shadows, however, it’s very important to choose the right palette. Properly done eye makeup can make the look bright and expressive. If you chose a wrong color, the face tone will turn pale and become sickly. No doubt, such a make-up won’t add any youth and freshness. So, this disaster did happen to the top model Barbara Palvin. The key point in eye shadows selection is to avoid all shades of red and pink. Otherwise, you’ll get the effect of tired and tearful eyes.

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Well-drawn brows

If in 90’s eyebrow-strings were at the peak of popularity, now thick and wide eyebrows are trendy. Those who got such brows from nature are lucky ones. But owners of fine eyebrows shouldn’t get involved with their excessive portrayal, otherwise you may look like a samurai warrior. For example, in the past, Angelina Jolie often misfired with the shape and color of her eyebrows. It's good that now her beauty mistakes are in the past.

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Too much light powder

Any powder should be used with caution: the stuff can get wrinkled and make the skin pale and dry. Powder must be used locally, but it’s better to gave it up in favor of light corrector. Incorrectly selected powder tone can significantly age you. Celebrities often make the same mistake and come out under the spotlight with a generous layer of white loose powder on the face. Even Meryl Streep makes such mistakes. In the photo, you can see how the powder stressed skin imperfections.

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Lip color to match the skin tone

To hide plump lips under a thick layer of beige gloss or foundation is a real beauty crime. With this makeup, your lips will look thinner, and you are getting older. You can draw attention to the striking eye makeup, using other ways. For example, use nude lipstick that is slightly darker than your skin tone. In the picture, Britney Spears opts for the wrong shade of lip gloss and looks much older. Rule number one: lip color to match your skin tone is taboo!


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If you don’t blend lip contour, it can also age you. A time when the clearly defined lips was a point of pride (after all, not everyone can do a smooth makeup), has ceased to be, never to return. You can visually enlarge your lips and smooth out any irregularities due to the shaded contour.

Messy wings

Perfect cat eyes are a classic that never goes out of fashion. In make-up, it’s always a win-win situation and a bright accent, but only if the wings are drawn exactly. Sloppy contour and wings curling to the temple can age even a young girl. The Olsen twins often appear in public with sloppy makeup, therefore girls look much older in photos.

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