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Two Russians win the Mrs. Universe pageant in Seoul

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02 Jul 2022

The prestigious beauty contest "Mrs. Universe" in South Korea has just ended, in which 110 of the most luxurious women on the planet took part. The age of the participants started from 18 years old and ended at 40 years old. The beauties from India, Thailand, Africa, Europe and, of course, Russia took part in the competition. Despite the fear of sanctions and prejudice, Russian women felt calm and free. And although the competition was very high (some participants even arranged fights), it was our compatriots who took the first two places.

Source: Mrs. Universe archive

The 36-year-old Russian woman Anna Kudryavtseva-Siradze became the finalist of the Mrs. Universe contest. The woman lived in St. Petersburg for a long time, then she got married and moved with her husband to Georgia. At the competition, she represented this country.

- I was born in Stavropol, then I lived with my mother in Naberezhnye Chelny. My first success came when I got married for the first time and moved to St. Petersburg. Here, knowing the joys of motherhood, I decided to go to the Mrs. St. Petersburg show, and it became my ticket to the world of beauty,” Anna said.

Source: archive of Anna Kudryavtseva-Siradze

Anna did not count on winning, and when she realized that she had won the competition, she was surprised to learn that only 10 out of 110 contestants congratulated her. The rest deleted her from social networks and phones out of envy.

The title "First Vice-Mrs. Universe" went to the 38-year-old mother of five children from Omsk, Irina Ryaguzova. And a participant from Yekaterinburg, Elena Belousova, received the Mrs. Grace award.

Source: archive of Irina Ryaguzova

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