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Burberry to Release Its First NFTs

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10 Aug 2021

Burberry unveiled its previously-announced partnership with Mythical Games: an NFT collection in their flagship title, Blankos Block Party, in furtherance of what the British brand calls “a partnership of firsts paving the way for the future of digital ownership in gaming.” 

The collection will feature accessories, including a jetpack, armbands and pool shoes, which players can apply to any Blanko they own. Adorned with Burberry’s new TB Summer Monogram and inspired by the brand’s Animal Kingdom house code, the limited- edition, limited-quantity Burberry Blanko – a shark named Sharky B – is an NFT that can be purchased, upgraded, and sold within the Blankos Block Party marketplace.

“Meet Sharky B, our first in-game NFT. Partnering with the multiplayer game Blankos Block Party, we’ve created a vinyl NFT toy, the limited-edition character Sharky B, and a range of accessories for  #TheBSeries. Part of a new generation of collectable gaming characters, Sharky B can be styled with exclusive accessories inspired by our new #TBMonogramcollection to power up your digital adventures,” Burberry said about the partnership with Mythical Games.

Burberry Chief Marketing Officer Rod Manley noted that creating NFT collections is a step forward for the brand, and the main goal of the project is to explore digital innovations. “With this exciting concept, we are able to unlock genuine value for the gaming community by encouraging players to interact with our brand in an environment that celebrates art, design, and exploration,” said Rod Manley. It's worth noting that fashion brands are increasingly focusing on the virtual space and releasing digital apparel and video game accessories, as well as exploring the NFT space to reach new audiences.

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