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7 Tips To Make Your Morning More Productive

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30 Nov 2019

Morning sets the pace for the whole day and should be the most productive time. But this is not always the case: the annoying ringing of the alarm clock, the need to get out of a warm bed, breakfast in a hurry… For many people, the morning turns into a real disaster. We have prepared seven life hacks that will help you make your morning routine more conscious and useful.

No. 1. Drink a glass of water after waking up

Many people underestimate the magical power that water exerts on our bodies. It starts the metabolism, helps to wake up faster and arouses appetite. Therefore, immediately after waking up, it’s recommended to drink a glass of water: by the time breakfast comes, you will have time to clear your appetite, and the meal will not pass through force.

How long it will take: 1 minute

No. 2. Do exercises

Going to the gym in the evening is a good idea, but a 15-minute morning exercise will be much more beneficial for your body. It is proved that exercise in the morning tones muscles and energizes the body. In addition, you’ll have less back pain during the day.

How long it will take: 10-15 minutes

No. 3. Meditate

Meditation is a good spiritual practice that helps you tune in to a productive day. To do this, it’s not necessary to learn some advanced meditative techniques: just sit on the floor in a comfortable position, close your eyes and focus on breathing, slowly sinking into your thoughts. Start doing it every morning for at least five minutes (you can even set an alarm). When practicing morning meditation daily, you will feel how your thoughts are cleared, and plans for the day cease to seem chaotic.

How long it will take: 5-10 minutes

No. 4. Make affirmations

Another useful technique that is advised by many personal growth coaches, including the author of The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod. Affirmations are short, positive statements that help you tune in auspicious thoughts. For example, after waking up, you can repeat the phrase “I feel cheerful and rested” several times to yourself - this will help to wake up faster. Make up some suitable affirmations for yourself that can be repeated throughout the day.

How long it will take: 3-5 minutes

No. 5. Set aside gadgets

For many people, social media feed is the first thing they see in the morning, opening their eyes. Psychologists say that this is a very bad habit: morning is the time when our consciousness should be relaxed. News feeds, on the contrary, immediately lead us to an excited state, plunging into informational noise. Therefore, take a mobile phone just before leaving the house. By the way, many coaches and mindfulness coaches also advise not to turn on the TV in the morning or, at least, watch nature programs instead of news.

How long it will take: 0 minutes and willpower

No. 6. Read books

The author of The Miracle Morning advises reading only 20 minutes during your morning. During the day, you will not have time for books, and in the evening, most likely, there will be no time for reading. Morning is the only time you can allow yourself to pay attention to self-development and self-knowledge.

How long it will take: 20 minutes

No. 7. Keep a diary

It’s customary to keep a diary in the evening to record events that happened during the day. However, this practice will be useful in the morning: it helps to put thoughts in order and throw out emotions. You can also use this time to write down plans for the day: and in the evening you can check it to see how productive the day was. It is believed that plans written on a piece of paper are more often implemented than those that we keep in mind.

How long it will take: 5 minutes

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