Love yourself just the way you are: 5 celebrities with skin problems

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Your skin shouldn't define who you are – this is what some celebrities have once again proven by their successful careers. What is more, some of them have managed to turn their seeming flaws into the most real assets. Here are the stories of five celebrities and influencers on their experiences of living with skin issues – and not being ashamed of that.



On June 24th was celebrated a world vitiligo day – a rare long-term skin condition, characterized by pale patches that develop on the skin. Winnie Harlow is, perhaps, the top-pioneering vitiligo-model, who has also become the first model with vitiligo to take part in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. In her interview with "The Independent" magazine, the supermodel underlined that she would not like to be called a person "suffering" from the disease. "I am conquering, I am living my best life in the way that I can and thriving," she claimed instead. To just 1% of people living with vitiligo also belongs a well-known model and ******* blogger Karen Wazen. She has been advocating for raising vitiligo awareness, discovering one herself two years ago. "I discovered I had vitiligo around two years ago, and it is truly the moment I understood how important it was to love yourself and body as is with all its changes, perfections, and imperfections," she mentioned.



From a first glance ideal, Kim Kardashian doesn't have a single flaw. But it turns out that, in reality, she has been long going through a genetic skin disease called "Psoriasis." And the star has openly felt free about it ever since her "Keeping up with the Kardashians" show: in some episodes, you might notice some red crusts on her body, covered with white scales.



Perhaps, acne is the most common form of skin issues and, genuinely, the most annoying one. Many of us struggle day-by-day to cover the pimples with tons of make-up or use photoshop and apply filters to photos pressured by the social judging and ******* bloggers' flawlessness. Thankfully, a supermodel Taylor Hill dispels the myths around it, by showing her not less natural beauty without masking facial pimples.



Victoria Beckham, the founder of Victoria's Secret empire, opened up several times about her struggles with acne problems. And even today, she sometimes posts a story asking for advice on dealing with the spot on her face. Interestingly, her way of anti-acne treatment is to include salmon in the diet.



These examples show that skin issues shouldn't become the barrier to living a happy and successful life. It is indeed each person's individual choice whether to deal with the condition or accept it, but what stays unchanging is that our flaws in appearance don't diminish our inner individuality.  


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