Collection of False Teeth and Synchronized Swimming: Most Unusual Hobbies of Stars

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It seems that due to busy schedules, celebs don’t have time for any hobbies at all. But their lives revolve not only around work, home and gym. Telling you about the most unusual and surprising hobbies of the stars.

Angelina Jolie and edged weapons

As a teenager, the future Hollywood star decided, that collecting dolls or old coins was too boring for her, because she was fond of edged weapons. Now, she has a great amount of daggers, sabres and swords of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, which the actress keeps under lock and key.

She tries to pass the passion for cold steel to her elder children and time after time presents them different vintage knives for the holidays. By the way, child services were very interested in this tradition after former nanny complained about Jolie's parenting methods, but the actress said that she carefully controls the hobbies of her children and doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

Sarah Jessica Parker and knitting

Sometimes, it is very difficult to get rid of the idea that the actress Sarah Jessica Parker and her character from Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw are completely different people. Nevertheless, Sarah’s hobby is not collecting expensive bags and shoes, but knitting. By the way, the actress says that she got this passion from Julia Roberts and quickly realized that this is a very good way to distract from problems and to calm down. The actress can often be found with a ball of yarn and knitting right on the set or during breakfast in the cafe.

Kate Moss and synchronized swimming

Supermodel Kate Moss is fond of synchronized swimming. But the British star does not just watch it on TV or attend competitions. Whenever possible, she takes lessons from professional athletes. Unfortunately, Kate has little time for her hobby and goes to the pool only during holidays. She says that takes great pleasure in learning new elements. By the way, this sport is recognized as one of the most difficult to practice: you need to have not only good coordination, but also large lung capacity. So, all we have to do is admire Kate Moss’s talents.

Penelope Cruz and hangers for clothes

There are many stylish and branded clothing in the wardrobe of actress Penelope Cruz, but the star believes that most valuable items are not them, but... hangers. No doubt, it is difficult to call them ordinary – the star prefers to find some unusual and interesting items and to get them. However, wire hangers have no place in her collection – Penelope hates them.

Tom Hanks and typewriters

Actor Tom Hanks began collecting old typewriters back in 1970, because he liked the sounds their keys made. The collection consists of about 100 pieces, many of which are really rare and expensive. In October 2017, the actor released his collection of 17 short stories, the characters of which also adore this piece of antiquity. However, he still had to print the book on a computer – it was a requirement of the publisher. More than that, Tom Hanks has released a special mobile app that simulates the keyboard sounds of old typewriters. What a devotion to the hobby!

Johnny Depp and Barbie dolls

Johnny Depp’s passion for dolls appeared right after he’d become a father: he started buying Barbie dolls not only for her daughter Lily, but for himself. Most of all, the actor likes figures of celebrities and has a few dozen of them. In his collection, you can find young Elvis Presley, Lindsay Lohan, Beyoncé and many others. Depp also has dolls with his own image: the role of the mad Hatter fromAlice in Wonderland and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jared Leto and women's clothing

Singer Jared Leto has a prominent sense of style, but if you look at his wardrobe more closely, you can find items from the women's collections of famous brands there. Jared said that his interest in ladies' clothes came to him after starring in the film Dallas buyers club, in which he played the role of the transvestite Rayon. By the way, Leto very skillfully combines the trends of male and female wardrobe, so you may take some style lessons from him.

Helena Bonham Carter and false teeth

It is Helena Bonham Carter who wins our top of stars with a strange and unusual hobby. During the filming of the movies about Harry Potter, where the actress played the role of evil Bellatrix Lestrange, she had to wear dentures with very bad teeth. Over the years, Helena got so used to it that when the project ended, she took it. It turned out that during her career she has managed to collect a lot of that stuff. Collecting dentures from the set became a kind of Helena’s hobby. Later, her husband, director Tim Burton, got involved with this strange hobby, too. So the couple has already gathered an impressive collection. And we wonder, where do they store all this stuff?

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