Dancing Stars: Jessica Alba, Kaia Gerber and Other Celebrities Spend Time at Home

Celebrities, sitting in quarantine, every day come up with new fun: in recent days, for many, an outlet is dancing. This pastime allows stars not to be sad and uplift others. They take to social networks to post homemade dancing videos. Funny, energetic videos are usually accompanied by captions like: "Please stay home".

Jessica Alba is a real fan of dancing. More than that, the actress always finds a company for such active entertainment: on the videos that she posts on Instagram, Jessica Alba is accompanied by her friends and colleagues. And during the quarantine, Jessica’s main dancing partner is her eleven-year-old daughter. In comments to the video, it was noted that the actress not only moved well but also looked not like a mother, but like an older sister: the truth is that movement is life!

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Alessandra Ambrosio often posts Instagram-stories with dancing. The model also prefers the company of her daughter: in the same sweatshirts, home shorts and hairstyle, Alessandra and her daughter are dancing in front of the camera. "The time has come ... when my daughter is the one teaching me what to do !!!”, the model captioned.

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Kaia Gerber and her friend Tommy Dorfman also don’t waste time, but have fun and record videos of dancing in TikTok (don't ask why Tommy is wearing a short pleated skirt and a neon-colored cap).

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Hailey and Justin Bieber are not so far behind: the couple was one of the first to publish commercials with dancing in TikTok: it seems that these guys have set a new trend – dancing till the morning!

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