Did Pamela Anderson Break the Record for the Shortest Star Marriage?

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On Sunday, it was announced that Pamela Anderson has split up with her husband John Peters after 12 days of family life. Recall, the wedding of 52-year-old model and 74-year-old producer came to light on January, 20: before that, they kept in touch for many years. Anderson and Peters' marriage became one of the shortest in history. We decided to make a selection of celebrities who took several months or even days to get tired of family life.

Jennifer Lopez – 10 months

The relationships between singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and dancer Chris Judd has been developing rapidly: they met in 2001 on the set of the video "Love Don't Cost a Thing" and in September of that year they got married. For Jennifer it was the second marriage, but it lasted only a few months: just in June of the following year, Lopez and Judd separated.

Bradley Cooper – 4 months

Bradley Cooper’s personal life attracted attention long before the meeting Irina Shayk. In 2006, the actor proposed to dancer Jennifer Esposito. However, just 4 months after the wedding, this beautiful couple broke up and since then, Bradley didn't dare to tie the knot with anyone.

Nicky Hilton – 3 months

Socialite Nicky Hilton has always been considered an enviable bachelorette. In 2008, she married businessman Todd Meister, however, her feelings quickly cooled down, and Nicky filed for divorce in three months.

Kim Kardashian – 72 days

In 2011, fans of the show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" were watching the luxurious wedding of Kim Kardashian and basketball player Kris Humphries holding their breath. Their union seemed to be perfect, but this impression was deceptive: in 72 days after the celebration, Kim unilaterally filed for divorce.

Drew Barrymore – 50 days

Actress Drew Barrymore and restaurateur Jeremy Thomas married in 1994, but 50 days after the wedding, the couple announced the breakup. Family life was not how drew imagined it would be.

Britney Spears – 55 hours

The record for the most short-lived marriage in history belongs to the singer Britney Spears. In 2004, Britney married her close friend Jason Alexander. It took the singer took just 55 hours to realize the mistake and demand to cancel the marriage.


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