Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda and other stars to take style lessons from

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Fashion is a concept beyond time and age. To look stylish after 50, you need to learn a few tricks that will help in compiling a wardrobe. Such fashionable life hacks can be studied on the example of Hollywood actresses.

Jane Fonda

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5 Июн 2019 в 12:11 PDT

Jane Fonda always manages to surprise the audience with her spectacular appearances on the red carpet. She chooses classic styles, and her looks evoke thoughts of the 80’s. For everyday life, 81-year-old Jane chooses simple cut clothing: airy white blouses, straight pants and skirts. Also, the actress can often be seen in pantsuits, which are suitable not only for special occasions, but also in everyday life. At pubic events, Jane often appears in dark or pastel colored jackets. Pastel shades rejuvenate and refresh the face, so an older woman should have them in her wardrobe as much as possible.

Helen Mirren

74-year-old Helen Mirren has noble appearance, and the actress skillfully emphasizes it with the help of flying silhouettes and bright colors. Using various textures is another Helen Mirren’s technique that can be taken note of. You can find outfits of velvet, satin and even leather in the actress’ wardrobe. Helen also is fond of translucent fabrics: but due to the flesh-colored linings and contrasting prints, the actress doesn’t look vulgar at all. Mirren complements her images with massive jewelry and a variety of accessories that emphasize her aristocracy.

Michelle Pfeiffer

61-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer prefers laconic outfits. A silk blouse, a plaid pencil skirt, a jacket with a traditional tartan print-all these clothes are present in her wardrobe. Pfeiffer relies on classic combinations: one of them is a combination of black and white. This is a win-win option that is suitable for any age. For special occasions Michelle chooses the more interesting options: jackets, decorated with sequins or patterns. Another universal trick from the actress, which older women can take note of, is the choice of a pantsuit as an outfit for a special occasion. By the way, Michelle always carefully chooses accessories for her looks.

Sharon Stone

 At 61, actress Sharon stone is not afraid to demonstrate her sexuality. She poses for photographers in a provocative mini dress, wears a leopard print and chooses blouses with a deep-V. Besides, Sharon likes white and cream colors that really go with the actress: she uses them when creating her looks. The use of shiny fabrics is another fashionable trick from the actress: she looks young and modern in them. Like Michelle Pfeiffer, Stone often wears pantsuits, but she adores the overalls, too. They accentuate her slim figure. 

Julianne Moore

 The 58-year-old actress loves variety in everything: in the cut, style and colors of clothing. Julianne carefully chooses the color palette of her outfits: when drawing up the look, she takes into account what colors will look impressive with her red hair. These include red, all shades of green, as well as the color of copper. Taking into account her color type, Moore chooses jewelry: for example, embellishments with emeralds accentuate her expressive eyes. At the same time, the actress doesn’t neglect the black color, but necessarily dilutes it with bright accents.

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