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How This All Ends Up? "Megsit" Goes to the Finish Line

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20 Feb 2020

In early January, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced a decision to step back as senior royals and gain financial independence. After negotiations with Queen Elizabeth II, they moved to Canada with their son Archie and set about developing their business.

Until now, it was not known exactly when the couple would become fully independent. All changes regarding the couple will take effect beginning March 31. From April 1 onward, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will no longer have an office at Buckingham Palace. The pair are expected to take part in several more official engagements in the U.K. before stepping back, according to the British news agency Press Association. Harry will attend an Invictus Games event with Jon Bon Jovi on Feb. 28. On March 8, Meghan will mark International Women's Day. The two will also appear at the Endeavour Fund Awards and the Mountbatten Music Festival, while Harry will attend the opening of Silverstone Experience, according to reports. Their final announced engagement as senior royals is scheduled for March 9, when they will join the royal family for the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey. After that, Meghan and Harry will be represented by their charity’s foundation team.

A 12-month transition period will follow, during which Harry's honorary military positions will not be used. However, he will retain the ranks of major, lieutenant commander and squadron leader. It had been previously announced that the couple will no longer take public funds or use their HRH and use the word "royal" for purposes such as branding.

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