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J Lo and Emily Ratajkowski Take Part in New Challenge

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19 Mar 2020

All new is well overlooked old. Netizens remembered the Flip The Switch challenge and realized that this is another great way to entertain yourself at home. Challenge was originated in 2018, but managed to hit the social media only right now. The idea of ​​Flip The Switch came to light when singer Drake released his hit Nonstop. The hilarious Flip The Switch challenge finds people playing off Drake's "I just flip the switch" lyric by creating fun-filled videos, which include dancing, swapping clothes, and acting a downright fool at - you guessed it - the flip of a switch. 

Set to the 2018 track Nonstop, the viral video challenge involves two people standing in front of a mirror. One person stands closest to the mirror holding still while recording the video on their phone. Meanwhile in the background, the other individual dances to the music until Drake sings the opening lyric, “Look, I just flipped a switch (Flipped, flipped)." This cue prompts the room’s light switch to be turned off and on, only to reveal that the two participants swapped outfits and positions during the transition.

The first star characters to take part in the challenge were Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Later they were joined by model Emily Ratajkowski, singer Camila Cabello and former US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.






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