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Just for Fun: J Lo and Alex Rodriguez Swap Clothes

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10 Mar 2020

A sense of humor is the basis for couples in love, and Jennifer Lopez with Alex Rodriguez reaffirmed this. The happy groom posted a funny video in his Tik-Tok, and it immediately became clear, that the star couple is never bored together. While the former baseball star stood there recording the moment in front of a mirror with his iPhone, Jennifer performed some sexy body rolling moves in a tight-fitting white sweater dress. Gucci belt, silver hoop earrings and bright make-up perfectly completed J Lo’s look. However, the finale of the video turned out to be unexpected and funny - the couple swapped their clothes.

As soon as they exchanged outfits, ARod started hilariously mimicking J Lo's moves — yes, even rocking her silver hoop earrings! — while trying to contain his laughter as Jennifer in groom's spacious jacket and his black sunglasses somehow managed to keep a straight face. What a perfect balance of tenderness and humor!

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