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Kim and Her Clones: Kim Kardashian Launches New Shapewear Line

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06 Feb 2020

Kim Kardashian’s lingerie brand SKIMS continues to expand its influence. The star just opened her first offline store at Nordstrom in New York and instead of the traditional presentation organized a real art performance. Models of different skin colors and figures made their way down the runway for the incredible debut, stood on a moving escalator and then spent a few minutes in complete immobility. What’s interesting, all the girls looked like Kim’s clones. It is known that the Kardashian-West family collaborates with Italian-born American contemporary performance artist Vanessa Beecroft. The woman was the Director of Kanye’s two opera-based performances and the author of Kim’s ad campaigns. So, it is quite possible that it was she who came up with the presentation of the new SKIMS collection.

The TV star revealed that she would be in the city at Nordstrom at 11:30am that morning before the big rollout. Fans of course started lining up for her arrival immediately, and the first 50 people in line also got to snap a photo with the star as well. “I would always cut up my own shapewear, I would dye them, I would put them in a sink and put tea bags and coffee bags to make them a little darker skin tone…I wanted to make a variety of a shade range that I didn't feel was out there in the market place and I've always worn shapewear so I just wanted to modernize it and make it a little bit more comfortable and more durable. I'm so happy everyone loves it because its my baby. I put so much into it,” Kim said about SKIMS. During the presentation, the administration of the Department Store had to deploy more security staff because women wanted to buy Kim’s underwear as soon as possible, broke the fence and provoked a conflict situation.


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