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Lady Gaga Turns into a Cyborg for New Photo Shoot

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17 Mar 2020

A month before the release of her sixth studio album Chromatica, Lady Gaga took part in an unusual and rather provocative photo shoot for a new cover story for Paper Magazine – the pop titan turned into a cyborg with pink hair, tangled in the wires. The concept was invented by the Belgian artist Frederik Heyman: n the pictures, the 'Shallow' singer can be seen naked as she poses on a stage, surrounded by spotlights, with a number of artificial implants hooked to her body.


The process of shooting took place in an unusual way: there were hundreds of cameras on the playground, and they recorded every movement of the singer. After processing all frames, Frederick Gaiman has created moveable 3D looks and developed a computer avatar.

Ahead of shooting for the magazine's cover, Gaga was quoted as saying, "I consent to being nude with everyone in this room." Further to the statement, she added that she believes they are making art and it isn't pornography. And in the frame with metal horses, modeled using computer graphics, she was dressed in a blouse, a skirt and Balenciaga tights with watercolor print from the spring-summer 2020 collection.

Balenciaga, spring/summer 2020

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