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Meghan Markle Threatens Reputation of the Royal Family: Royal Biographer’s Interview

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25 Feb 2020

Royal biographer gave an interview in which he blames Meghan Markle in an attempt to commercialize the royal family. Thereby, the ex-actress harms its reputation.

Last week, Queen Elizabeth II announced her decision, that Meghan and Harry should stop using their Sussex Royal brand when they step down as senior royals on March 31. But hours after releasing a carefully worded statement via Buckingham Palace confirming the move, the couple of the Sussex made an announcement on their personal website. They claimed the Queen had no 'jurisdiction' over the word 'Royal' overseas and said the monarch and the Government would have been powerless to stop them had they continued to use the word while abroad.

Prince Charles' biographer Tom Bower commented on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s statement. In his opinion, it was very rude to the Queen. “That statement was spiteful fury by Meghan. Meghan gets what Meghan wants," biographer commented Markle’s actions. "It was rude to the Queen. What is spiteful is, she married into the royal family not that long ago and she bailed out. But she wants to bail out on her terms".

More than that, Bower doubts that Harry and Meghan are really going to abandon their brand. He said: "She has a whole life, a whole career of commercial exploitation of herself. She has absolutely no status apart from being attached to the royal family". The biographer described Meghan’s attempts to benefit from the Royal family and to commercialize it as a 'threat' that risked 'destroying the 93-year-old sovereign of this wonderful country'. "What is most important for this country is to protect the reputation of the royal family," he added.


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