Neon Mask and Black Gloves: Jared Leto Went for a Solitary Walk

An intriguing neon mask, black gloves and dark sunglasses - it seems, that during the epidemic, it became easier for celebrities to hide from the paparazzi. Who is hiding in the photo? A beard and a T-shirt with the inscription Love is madness betray the famous actor Jared Leto. It was he who, in a full set of special accessories, went for a walk around the outskirts of Los Angeles.

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Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy,” the star captured the photo. In the picture, the actor is alone. By the way, Jared Leto’s self-isolation lasts much longer than the rest: recently, the actor returned from the desert, where he spent time all alone without social networks and communication with the outside world - it seems that Jared knew what to prepare for!


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