How to wear oversize: stylish tricks from Kanye West

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June 8 is Kanye West's birthday. Today he is the highest paid rap artist, a prominent cultural figure, a welcome guest at fashion weeks and a style icon.

By his example, he showed that beige and black are not boring, sneakers are always relevant, and voluminous things are not only comfortable, but also beautiful. You just need to know a couple of secrets.

Monochrome combinations
So that oversize does not hide growth and does not break the figure, use one color in the set or several similar shades.

Source: Glamor

And don't forget to mix some textures.

Source: GQ

Dilute looks vertically
Unbuttoned hoodies, parkas, shirts, mantles and long pendants will cope with this task.

Source: Vogue

By the way, large jewelry has also become a full-fledged part of Kanye's style.

Source: Global Look Press

A special chic is to wear large chains so that they only partially peek out from under the clothes.

Source: @irishchrist

In order not to look bigger than we really are, we need to show the real parameters of the body. It is difficult to do this in dimensionless clothes, but nothing is impossible for a rapper. He rolls up sleeves and trousers or chooses models of trousers that are narrower at the bottom.

Source: The Place

Shoes in the images of the rapper receive special attention. It can be accented and set the tone for the artist's appearance or blend perfectly with everything else. But definitely never the basic "to everything."

Source: RAP

Dense fabrics hold their shape better, make the image more collected and visually expensive.

Source: Global Look Press

Oversize is an extremely stylish cut. Kanye looks chic, creative and conceptual in it. In these epithets, in fact, the key to success is hidden: you need to wear voluminous things in such a way that it would never occur to anyone that you just put on the first thing that came to hand.

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