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She is condemned, scolded, loved and idolized. Perhaps there is not a single fan of cinema in the world who has not heard about Kristen Stewart at least once. And while some scornfully scoff at the new images of the “girls from the Twilight”, others defend Stewart and admire her acting skills. What is so special about this American actress that people have not stopped discussing her for almost a decade since the release of The Vampire Saga?

A talented girl

Perhaps most of us really recognized Kristen through her role as Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. However, her acting career began long before she was approved for the lead role in the first Twilight film. For the first time she starred at 11 in the not-so-successful drama “The Safety of Objects”, but already in 2002 the young actress appeared in the thriller of cult director David Fincher. In the “Panic room” Kristen played one of the central roles, and her partner in the filming was Jodie Foster herself, who by that time was already considered an experienced and successful actress. After that, Kristen steadily appeared in one or two films a year, and although it cannot be said that each new project was more successful than the previous one, Stewart had a really impressive acting experience by the time she was offered a role in Twilight.








The idol of millions


An interesting fact: Stewart's last appearance in the movie before Twilight was a cameo in the Jumper film, where Kristen appeared literally for 1 minute. However, the Twilight Saga made the actress so popular that she was subsequently invited to larger projects. But most importantly, Bella’s role made Stewart the idol of millions of girls at the turn of the decade. You can endlessly go through memes with unsuccessful screenshots from Twilight, but the fact remains: for those who are familiar with the original work of Stephenie Meyer, Stewart has become an excellent contender for the role of Bella. And at that moment, when the affair of Stewart and Robert Pattinson was transferred from the screens into real life, Stewart only gained more fans.





The Outcast


Of course, the role of the “good girl” from the film for the mass audience was clearly not the ultimate dream of Kristen Stewart, but hardly anyone could imagine that her career would soon be practically destroyed. The turning point was the shooting of the fantasy “Snow White and the Huntsman”, during which Stewart allegedly started an affair with the director of the picture Rupert Sanders. Fans could not forgive Stewart for the betrayal of the beloved Robert Pattinson. From the idol of millions, she turned into one of the most hated actresses in Hollywood. She was no longer invited to the movies, was not called to take part in Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, was not invited to social events. And even though many years later Stewart admitted that Sanders actually forced her to have relationships under the fear that he would ruin her career, at that time everything seemed to be over for Stewart.





The Rebel


However, Kristen did not give up. After breaking up with Pattinson and the release of the latest Twilight, she continued to act in films. Only now she didn’t have to play the role of a “cute girl” either in films or in life. From shooting in films for a mass audience, Kristen moved on to rather narrowly targeted genres. And from the image of Bella Swan, she switched to the image of a real rebel who is not afraid to hide her sexual orientation, is not afraid to be funny and even ridiculous. She may appear on the red carpet in shorts and with bags under her eyes, and it will not matter to her that people will write about her on the Internet later on: all the same, Kristen does not lead social networks. And she continues to act in films and receive prestigious awards for her contribution to the development of cinematography, even if the haters are infuriated.





Fashion icon


In recent years, the actress has radically changed her style, cut off long hair, began to experiment with images. And if at first some pretty extravagant exits to the red carpet caused outrage, then it soon became clear: all the transformations of Kristen is a very wise move. No wonder soon she was offered to become an ambassador of one of the most famous fashion houses - Chanel. Some people can say that Kristen simply dishonors the legacy of brand founder Coco Chanel, but fashion critics generally agree that Kristen brings fresh ideas to a conservative and even idealized brand with her unconventional images. Kristen is not afraid to experiment: dye her hair in bright colors, try new hairstyles, apply non-standard makeup, try on clothes that cause either culture shock, either a pleasant surprise. However, it seems that it does not matter for Kristen: she just likes to be herself and do what she wants.

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