Vanessa Paradis, Emilia Clarke and other celebrities who turned the flaws of appearance into their merits

While some celebrities resort to plastic surgery to look perfect, others are not embarrassed by their special appearance and make their blemishes work on them. There is a selection of celebrities with custom looks.


Vanessa Paradis

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Many perceive the dent between the teeth as a defect, which is usually corrected with the help of cosmetic dentistry. However, model, singer and actress Vanessa Paradis turned this minus into her specialty; Paradis pleasurably gives her a wide smile to photographers whilst making it the main decoration for glossy magazines. Despite the diastema (this is the scientific name of these physical features), Vanessa became the face of the Chanel fashion house and was one of the first models who made the dent between the front teeth a real trend.


Emilia Clarke

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Emilia Clarke's thick moving eyebrows have become the occasion for numerous memes and jokes on social networks. Fans of the actress joke that her eyebrows live their own life. In an interview, Emilia admitted that in childhood she was teased because of this feature, but thanks to her mother, she changed her attitude to appearance in general. "My mom had rules when I was younger: 'Don't do drugs, don't have sex, and don't touch your eyebrows,' she'd say. And Emilia's mother was right! After years, people around the world fell in love with the actress for her sincere emotions and unusual appearance while the Esquire magazine called her the sexiest woman on the planet.


Natalie Dormer

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Emilia's colleague on the set in the Game of Thrones, Natalie Dormer, also has an unusual facial feature. As a result of a birth injury, the actress suffers from pinching of the seventh nerve. This flaw can be seen when looking at the smile of the actress; it is asymmetric. However, this did not affect Dormer's acting career, on the contrary, an unusual smile became a piquant feature of many of her heroines in films and TV shows.


Paris Hilton

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The famous branded look with a squint of Paris Hilton is the result of the lazy eye disorder. Paris's left eye is always half-closed, which makes it look smaller than the right one; it caused by the weakened muscles of the eyelid. To make this feature less noticeable, Hilton always poses turning to the camera with the right side of his face. Anyway, if you do not know about the defect it seems that Paris just smiles cunningly.


Kate Bosworth

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The actress and model Kate Bosworth has two features at once that distinguish her from other Hollywood beauties. The shape of Kate's ears is far from ideal; Bosworth used to hide her prominent ears whilst covering them with her hair. Now she is not embarrassed by her appearance and often does high hairstyles. The second actress's feature is heterochromia; Bosworth's eyes are of different colors - one is blue and the other is brown.


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