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Victoria Beckham Reveals Unique Instagram Filter

Recently, Instagram presented the popular filter with mini-tests. They helped to discover which Starbucks drink or Disney character you are. The fashion icon has succumbed to the new trend and revealed her unique filter that helps to define which versions of her you could be. These include ‘the Mom’, ‘the Spice Girl’, ‘the Cover Star’, and ‘the Beauty Boss’.

Every title is accompanied with a stylish pattern. For example, the designer herself received the status of "the Fitness Addict", while her daughter Harper became the "the Beauty Boss". Victoria Beckham’s son Romeo also participated in this mini-flash mob. He discovered that he's inherited ‘the Mom’ genes. 

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Victoria captioned her Instagram post: "Discover the filter on my profile or Stories and share with me by tagging me". Users followed Victoria’s request, and started spreading their results.

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