Who Cooks Better and Who Spends More Money: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Answer Very Personal Questions

Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez are simply inseparable: they spend all their free time alone with their children, playing baseball on the lawn near the house, watching movies and recording funny videos. A few days ago, the couple recently participated in a viral game known as the "couples challenge," which featured the duo being asked questions about themselves with their eyes closed and answering by only pointing at either themselves or their partner.

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In the game, Alex and Jennifer disagreed on several things. Lopez and Rodriguez both said the other was funnier, messier, a bigger baby when sick and grumpier in the morning. 

However, the pair agreed that JLo is the better cook, that she spends the most money, is the most stubborn, takes longer to get ready in the morning and initiated the couple's first kiss. They also agreed that Rodriguez is the more social of the two and that he was the first to say "I love you". The couple recorded this video right after playing baseball with their children: the singer is sitting on a sofa in a grey sports bra and leggings, Alex is in a black sweatshirt and trousers, and one of their daughters became the leading of the challenge.


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