Why does everyone hate Meghan Markle?

The news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will sue the influential British tabloids, was perhaps the most discussed last weekend. According to Prince Harry, the cause of the lawsuit was the systematic harassment of Megan by the press. The Duke of Sussex even compared this situation with the events of 22 years ago, when, because of the persecution of the paparazzi, his mother got into a fatal car accident. However, in reality, the attitude of the press towards Megan is fundamentally different from the way journalists treated Princess Diana. The press loved Lady Di but now the media hates Megan. Like the vast majority of representatives of British society. Why do so many people dislike Markle?

She is an American

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8 years ago the whole world watched the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Romantic girls even compared the story of Kate with the story of Cinderella, who found her prince. The British society still admires Kate as she is kind, stylish and smart, a real lady and a great wife for the future king of Great Britain. British society has a completely different attitude towards Markle. Each her appearance, each new outfit becomes the object of caustic jokes in the media and on the Internet. Why, then, do the English idolize one duchess and despise the other? And for the British people the answer is obvious: Megan is an American! Most Britons are believed to be conservative and for them, representatives of the royal family are aristocrats with an impeccable biography and exquisite manners. An American girl from an ordinary family does not meet this criterion.

She is from the scandalous family


The origin of Megan is becoming a subject of discussion also in connection with her family, which took an ambiguous position about her marriage. And while Megan’s mother supports her, her sister and father give out provocative interviews that denounce Megan’s insincerity and criticize her actions. Thomas Markle even made accusations against Prince Harry himself: Harry did not bother to personally ask for his daughter's hand. Thomas also accused his daughter of forbidding him to see his grandson. After that Megan had no choice but to publicly announce that she was breaking any ties with her father and would never allow him to meet with her son Archie. There were those who understood Megan`s decision. However, there were those who felt sorry for the unfortunate and abandoned father, who just wanted to have good relationship with his daughter.

She is an Actress


Another fact of Megan's biography, for which the Brits hate her: she is an actress. And not the most talented and famous. Until the first news about Meghan Markle`s affair with Harry, only fans of the series "Suits" heard about her. It is a very good and high-quality series with high ratings, however, it has not earned worldwide fame and mainstream status. Rather, the news about Meghan’s wedding with Prince Harry added popularity to the series, than the series itself made Megan popular. However, conservative British society is primarily outraged by the fact that Megan starred in frank bed scenes. This is unacceptable for the duchess.

She is not sincere


For some reason, everyone believes that Megan has remained an actress and now she simply plays the next role in public. In the comments to each news about Markle, it is stated that she has an insincere, strained smile. There are also those who put forward theories that Megan is only interested in money, and she is happy to spend UK taxpayers' money on updating the interior of her house. Another act that showed Megan's hypocrisy: after her statements about caring for the environmental situation in the world, she and her husband went on vacation on a private flight, making several flights, which caused an outrage among environmentalists.

She breaks the protocol


Megan’s are outfits criticized, but most of all British society and the press are indignant at the fact that she often neglects the protocol. She crosses her legs, has brightly male-up, wears dresses of the wrong length, openly demonstrates her feelings for Harry in public - the list of Megan's sins can be listed endlessly. For British people, who are proud of their royal family and artistry, this is a serious reason to severely criticize the Duchess of Sussex. One of the main complaints against Megan is precisely that she does not want to behave like a duchess, does not want to study and change her habits. An even greater flurry of indignation fell upon the Duchess when she unofficially visited the US tennis championship to support her friend Serena Williams, leaving her young son with nannies.

She is the enemy of Kate Middleton


Kate is a favorite of the British community, and the news that the Duchesses do not get along with each other and often come into conflict only fueled the hatred of the Brits towards Megan. We cannot say how true these rumors are, after all, they are provided by mysterious insiders and representatives of the Kensington Palace refute them, but for Markle`s haters even such unverified information serves as an additional reason to accuse her of all sins.

She does not respect the queen


Recently, the tabloids wrote that Queen Elizabeth II was so unhappy with Megan that she even forbade to mention her name out loud. It is definitely impossible to say, whether it is true or not, but the fact that Markle does not always show respect for the queen is quite obvious. For example, she rejected the invitation of Elizabeth to visit her in Balmor, and chose to go to the same ill-fated tennis match in the United States. According to rumors, the Queen is not satisfied with the behavior of Markle and Prince Harry, and the news that the Sussex couple decided to sue the press is unlikely to add Elizabeth's love to them.

She is Dream Destroyer


Finally, the last reason to hate Meghan Markle is that she destroyed the dreams of thousands of girls who fantasized that someday they would become princesses. Prince Harry was their favorite, he was even more popular than his older brother. However, after the wedding with Markle, his rating in the eyes of the public began to plummet, and now every step of the prince is harshly criticized.

Some of these reasons may seem ridiculous and even far-fetched, but they pose a serious threat to the reputation of the Duchess and her husband. Any attempts by Megan to rectify the situation, one way or another, come across a wall of disapproval and criticism, and for now we can only guess how this will affect her future life.

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