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Developing New Habits: How to Make a Check-list

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06 Feb 2020

Life in the rhythm of the metropolis sets new standards. When so many problems need to be dealt in a short time, some things just slip your mind. In this case, check-lists will definitely help you. What books you’ve read, how much water you’ve drank, what goals you’ve achieved – all this is recorded on a piece of paper. We’re going to tell you, how check-lists came up, what they are for, and find out if they are useful.

How check-lists came up

A Check-list is a course of action that must be performed one after another at a certain point in time. Not many people know that the first check-lists were used in aviation. In this industry, the process of aircraft control is quite difficult, therefore, pilots should lead additional control of all procedures. It is carried out using checklists, or, in another way, control cards. There are many check-lists in aviation: one is used It is carried out using checklists, the other - to start the plane. Any emergency situation implies a check-list with the plan of action.

Where to use check-lists

Check-list were adapted to everyday life in 2019. Checklists can be used both at work and in everyday life. For example, if you have a lot of assignments in the professional sphere, a checklist of your responsibilities will be an invaluable assistant. With its help, you will be able to control your work much better. In daily life, checklists can help with cleaning, self-development, control of funds, self-care, etc. For example, home training will be much more productive with a check-list. You will know in advance what group of muscles have needs to be worked out.



A check-list will be useful on money subject, too. It will help to track your daily spending on coffee, spontaneous purchases, and restaurants. Many people are so accustomed to useful checklists, that methodically put checkmarks, even going on a journey.

A check-list is not only a technique for keeping important things in mind. In the form of a check-list, you can make your favorite lists: what to take with you on a trip, what books to read this year, museums to visit, etc. A check-list allows your imagination to run wild: the number of invented lists can be unlimited. Many people prefer to use checklists when performing the "Circle of life" practice. In this way, you can clearly see what area of life needs adjustments.

Advantages of check-lists

Check-lists have their indisputable advantages. First of all, it’s more difficult to forget something, using them: all the actions that need to be performed are right in front of your nose. Second, you have a ready-made algorithm. All you need is to methodically perform tasks, tasks that someone has already invented. Checklists bring discipline and reduce the risk of quitting a new habit on the second day. After all, any action, performed several days in a row, gradually becomes a habit.

You can create a checklist by yourself, or use existing ones. There are a lot of interesting and useful check-lists in the open access on the Internet. Some bloggers succumbed to fashion and came up with their own unique checklists. Some people prefer to create checklists separately, while others combine them into comfortable planner.

How to create a check-list

On the Internet, there are many websites that offer ready-made templates for checklists. First, you need to define the subject of a checklist. This can be a calendar for a month that monitors the growth of several areas of life: habits, health, development. It can be a list of joys that lift your mood, or a list of movies to watch, or a plan for a week. In any case, the subject of the future checklist should depend not only on your imagination, but also on the goals.

A check-lists is best to draw on paper. Next, you need to come up with a design. Almost all websites offer standard templates. Many bloggers attract illustrators to create check-lists. It helps to make checklists that will stand out from the crowd.

Having printed a check-list, you can paste it into your planner or hang in a visible place. Indeed, many of them are designed to be filled every day.

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