Gadgets Aside: What Is Digital Detox and Why We All Need It

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Today, the voluntary phase-out of gadgets is seen as a return to the Stone Age, but we don’t even imagine how it is needed. In this article, we’re going to tell you what a digital detox is, why every modern person need it and how to spend a whole day without a smartphone and not to die.

The term digital detox was introduced and became popular about five years ago, when people realized that gadgets are good, but in moderation. Then, some tour operators started offering the treatment for information addiction. They arranged outreach programs which involved a complete and voluntary avoiding of all devices. There is even a hard-level for brave men: no refrigerators and air conditioners.

The main program included walks, yoga classes, board games, fitness marathons, book clubs and Spa treatments. If earlier a digital asceticism frightened, now people can give a lot for the opportunity to live without constant notifications and news.

The digital progress has greatly simplified our lives, but psychologists and doctors say that overreliance on gadgets can lead to problems with eyes, joints, posture, increase the risk of developing anxiety, depression and insomnia. But we’ll tell you how to interact with smartphones so as not to hurt yourself and not to forget that life outside of the virtual world exists, and it’s beautiful.

Don’t use gadgets when your mouth is full

The kitchen is the place where you shouldn’t go with smartphones. First, you may be distracted by videos and pictures, and eating may take much more time. Secondly, it’s harder to control the amount of food eaten and to receive pleasure from food when you aren’t right in the moment. Nutritionists say that those, who are used to eating in front of the screen, greatly increase the risk of obesity. Cook delicious meals, serve it nicely and enjoy every bite – without gadgets.

Sleep goes without saying

If you really want to get rid of the digital addiction, then arrange something like a reservation for gadgets. They have no place in your bedroom. Spend time before sleep reading a book or saying grateful words about the day has passed. The bright light of the screen and flickering pictures can cause nightmares.

Grabbing the phone immediately after waking up is also not a good idea: relax, do some simple exercises and go to wash.

Not only smartphones

Not only smartphones are dangerous and may effect our mental health, but also tablets, laptops and TVs. Radical adherents of the rejection of technology even gave up washing machines and dryers, but such asceticism is not suitable for everyone.

Use technical abilities

If you can't imagine living without gadgets or you need them for work, use their own technical capabilities. Install a program that will show the time spent on a particular application, and notify that the limit has been exceeded. Pay attention to such apps as MyAddictometer, QualityTime, S. Graph, and others.

Start cleaning: unsubscribe people whose views aren’t close to you, and take the phone in your hand only when it’s necessary. It is also recommended to translate the display into black and white mode: vivid pictures won’t seem so attractive and flipping photos mayl become boring.

The schedule for social networks

The advice for the most disciplined – make a schedule. Point out the days you will be able to use social networks, and try to stick with it. Visits to ******* can be combined with some routine, for example, travel by subway. If flipping photos is a great way to escape and recharge for you, then take 15 minutes every few hours – but that’s it. Arrange challenges

Start small: try not to touch the phone before bed for three days, after waking and while eating, and then start to set more global goals. Three hours a day without a smartphone? Easy! How about... the whole day? Sounds unreal? For this experiment, choose the day when you won’t be waiting for important news, messages, and go to the Museum, arrange a culinary evening with friends (they can also be persuaded), or home Spa treatments.

Referring to the present

When once again, you start to type a message to a close friend, just remember that all people are much nicer to chat live. Live messengers for people, you don’t want to see and go to the nearest cafe to meet with your real friends.Also think about how to replenish your personal library, and get a couple of new novels in paper covers. Or spend a Saturday night alone with the latest issue of the journal – you can watch your favorite show on another day.In memory of travel, psychologists advise sending postcards to friends and ourselves. Most likely, they will come in several months, but getting such a nostalgic surprise after a while will be very nice and pleasant.

Turning to material things as opposed to virtual will help us focus on real life more, psychologists say.

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