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How to become happy: 6 simple steps

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30 Oct 2019

Sooner or later, the question of how to become happy arises in every woman’s life. It’s very interesting, that happiness is already present in us from birth. So, psychologists have put forward a genetic theory of happiness, according to which 50% of happiness is already present in every person by nature. The author of the book "Psychology of happiness", Sonia Lubomirski, suggests that 10% of happiness is influenced by living conditions (income level, social status), but the remaining 40% can be influenced on our own. According to her theory, the 40% of happiness is the result solely of the efforts of the individual and the work.

So, what can we do to become happy? We’re going to tell you about six simple steps on the road that leads to happiness.

Trust the flow of life

There are so many events in your life that you didn’t expect at all and that didn’t correspond to your plans. Your main task is to learn to accept them alland adapt to changes. Even if you haven’t been able to implement all the plans and aims over the past year earlier, this is not a reason to despair. Make a list of events that happened to you, what lessons you’ve learned, what useful acquaintances you’ve made – and you’ll understand that the past year was rather busy, and you just didn’t notice it.

Daniel Gilbert, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, stated: "People enjoy being in control, they are attracted not even to the results obtained in the future, but to the process itself." When we lose the ability to have full control over everything, we begin to feel weak. However, the habit of keeping everything under control is emotionally exhausting and doesn’t bring joy.

Learn to live in the moment and not to postpone everything for later! Sometimes, in order to achieve a goal, you need to stop chasing it. As soon as you let the situation go and start living in the here, you’ll find entire harmony - the right people and significant projects will definitely appear in your life, even your income will start growing.

Communicate more

Meet with your family and friends more often. You must be surrounded with those who bring you only positive emotions. Avoid negative people who are indifferent to you and your interests. Time spent in pleasant communication will definitely make you happier. Daniel Gilbert emphasizes that a person is already happy if he has family and friends. Many things would lose their charm for us if we lost the opportunity to enjoy them with loved ones.

Be grateful

It’s important to be able not only to receive, but also to give. Charge your environment with good mood, share knowledge. The more you give, the more you get in the end. Martin Seligman, one of the founders of positive psychology, developed the exercise "gratitude". Its essence is to write down daily what and to whom you were grateful today. Such a simple-looking exercise will immediately bring you one step closer to happiness.

Choose the words

Try to control your speech, get rid of negative words – "no", "can't", "never". Such words in advance guide you to failure and make you doubt your abilities. Positive thinking is an important step to become happy. Studies by psychologist Barbara Fredrickson confirm that well-being can be acquired by dominating positive emotions over negative ones. A happy person is open to the world, enjoys life and believes in himself.

Find a hobby you like

It has long been proven that doing what you love charges with positive emotions. Choose your passion, and the life will become brighter. Go in for sports, start dancing, do what you always dreamed of, but postponed. During a pleasant pastime, endorphin, the main hormone of happiness, is produced, and there is a therapeutic effect.

Go for it!

Consider life as a constructor from which you can create anything. Divide your life into many parts and aspects-spiritual, material and others. After that, make a portrait of the ideal life and also lay it out in parts. Analyze what you lack in order to live the life of your dreams. How to bring it into your life, what should you learn? The answers to these questions will help to start moving in the right direction.

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