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Madonna releases scandalous NFT in which she gives birth to a tree

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12 May 2022

The 63-year-old singer has digitally immortalized herself with a series of shocking NFT videos of her... giving birth. In the commercials under the general name Mother of Creation, Madonna's naked avatar produces fantastic trees, butterflies and robots.

What is happening is somewhat reminiscent of footage from the Final Fantasy cartoon and looks simply fascinating, but the star has put a special meaning into her videos. As planned, Madonna embodies the images of Mother Nature, Mother of Evolution and Mother of Technology.

The authors of the animation draw a parallel between human creativity and childbirth: by generating new ideas, we create a miracle. It also broadcasts the idea that all the processes taking place on the Earth and all the creatures inhabiting the planet are interconnected.

The addition to the video sequence was the texts of songs by Madonna and the Persian poet Jalaladdin Rumi. Work on the project was carried out for more than a year, for this Madonna's body was scanned in three-dimensional form, and then drawn in a video editor.

The famous digital artist Beeple (Mike Winkelman), who is called one of the most expensive and successful art figures in the world, helped Madonna to realize the idea in the NFT format. He is known for his work Everydays: The First 5000 Days, which consists of pictures that Beeple published on the Internet for five thousand days. The work was sold at Christie's for $69.35 million.

“When Mike and I decided to collaborate on this project a year ago, I was thrilled to be able to share my vision of the world as a mother and artist, combined with Mike's unique perspective,” Madonna said. “It was an amazing journey, from an intellectual idea to an emotional story that gave birth to art.”

Anyone can buy an NFT with a naked Madonna on the SuperRare marketplace, the starting price is only 1 US dollar. Proceeds will be donated to charities helping women and children Voices of Children, City of Joy and Black Mama's Bail Out.

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