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Russian artist accuses Chanel of plagiarism

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25 Apr 2022

20-year-old Russian artist and blogger Maya Golyshkina has publicly criticized the French fashion house Chanel for using her signature style in advertising new perfumes.

According to the Russian woman, the brand was inspired by her early work in social networks, creating perfume ads for Mother's Day. Maya Golyshkina is known for her unusual photographs, in which she appears in fashionable outfits made from improvised means: playing cards, paper, corn sticks... In 2020, representatives of the Marc Jacobs brand became interested in the ideas of the Muscovite and invited her to become the face of their new accessories advertising campaign. Maya was sent bags from the new collection with a request to take some bright pictures with them. The results exceeded all expectations and Golyshkina's pictures were published in the official account of Marc Jacobs.

However, in 2022, she was destined to again get on the pages of newspapers, however, for an unpleasant reason. “I just give up when things like this happen. Often, artists spend their whole lives working on their ideas and unique style, and get almost nothing in return. Big brands just use it and make a lot of money. And I have to work hard so that they make money on me,” Maya wrote on her social networks, and then showed a photo from a Chanel advertisement and her work that she made two years ago.

Maya Golyshkina is sure that the famous brand did not just take her “childish style” as a basis, they imitated her careless way of working from paper, as if a child had done it all. The resemblance is really captured. Maya publicly approached Chanel for an explanation and got all of her followers involved. However, the brand has not commented the incident yet.

This is not the first scandal with Chanel in recent times. Recently, Russian women announced a boycott of the company and discrimination of customers on a national basis, and activists covered the brand's boutiques with portraits of Hitler.

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