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Echoes of school days: get ready to iron the collars!

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10 Sep 2020

The beginning of September evokes permanent associations with the study time and an irresistible craving for melancholic shades to match the autumn weather. Schoolchildren and students dress in a strict uniform, and some members of the older generation, slowly returning from vacations, longingly fit into boring office suits under the yoke of a mandatory dress code. However, this season, even the most austere look can be revived with just one small detail - a statement collar.

This fall, many luxury brands have converged on their preferences and made turn-down collars the main accessory of their collections. The so-called "White Collar Club" includes Chanel, Gucci, Celine, Chloé, Saint Laurent, and many other large fashion houses. Peter Pan collar, lace and ruffle, square, cape, notched and Puritan collars – the variety of this tiny décor is so big that you have no chance to be left without it! 




Chanel, as always, offers a win-win classic black dress-trench coats with patch pockets and white collars that will fit even the strictest dress code and will become an obstacle to anyone who dares to call it boring. A perfection option for strong and dairy women is the wide flat-laid collar which is not less sharp than its owner's mind. For those who are in a more dreamy mood, there are some romantic models with ruffles.




Working on Gucci fall/winter 2020 collection, the brand's creative director Alessandro Michele addressed the school uniform as well as the outfits of minders, nannies, and butlers from the old days. He decorated some looks with the square, bow neck, and removable Peter Pan collars that work as a reminder of our favorite fairy tales and childhood.




While Gucci is nostalgic for childhood, the Celine fashion house showcases elegant looks in the spirit of French chic, skillfully diluting the restrained a black dress and a thick coat duo with jabot or collar-shuttlecock in baked milk shade or crystal white full roll collar.




More relaxed and visually light collars can be found in the Chloé fall/winter 2020 collection. Made from soft fabric and delicate lace, they full the outfit with the pure and a bit naïve nature, even if it supplemented with a pair of big leather boots.


Balmain Saint Laurent Valentino


In addition to the very obvious duet with the dress, contrasting collars become the main focus on jackets and even outerwear.

We highly recommend you to pay special attention to false collars, which can be used as a light accessory for any look. By the way, another advantage of such a product is that even if it goes out of fashion soon, it will not take up much space on the farthest shelf and will peacefully survive its next H-hour!


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