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Five key spring-summer 2021 fashion trends

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15 Jan 2021

Even though winter is at its peak, the new year has already arrived, so we can't wait to tell you what will be relevant in the coming spring of 2021. Although 2020 gave us a lot of problems and periodically suppressed all hopes of returning to our old life and a bright future, the designers did not succumb to pessimistic fever. After all, they managed to create plenty of bright and memorable spring-summer 2021 collections. Here are the five biggest trends of the next season!


1990s-2000s vibes

If we still fail to return to the previous way of life, we have a comforter prize in the form of nostalgia for the late 90s - early 2000s. This time, many fashion houses were inspired by the aesthetics of the 2000s and presented the well-known drawstring dresses, second-skin tops, tracksuits, G-strings, and other legendary elements of the millennium wardrobe in a new interpretation.

Miu Miu Givenchy Sportmax



The news that the low-rise pants are back in fashion caused many talks and confusion - everyone remembers this provocative tandem of the extremely low-rise style revealed the thong or G-string underneath, right? However, almost 20 years after this trend emerged, many designers, including Balmain, Fendi, and Versace, decided to completely rethink it and give low-rise pants a more modest but equally sexy look.

Balmain Versace Fendi


Miniskirts and short shorts

As for sexuality, it's going to be all-consuming next season! Miniskirts and ultra-short shorts have appeared on the catwalks over the past few seasons with an enviable frequency and continue to be relevant. It's not surprising - is it possible to find a more logical and versatile option for a hot summer?

Christian Dior Miu Miu Dolce & Gabbana



During the presentation of the spring-summer 2021 collections, many catwalks resembled the May sky, on which dazzling lightning bolts as the silver dresses and suits thundered here and there. Isabel Marant's silvery glow, matte metallic at the Balmain show or reflective one by Paco Rabanne - such a palette will cool us in summer 2021.

Isabel Marant Balmain Paco Rabanne



It's another blast from the 90s. The fishnet can be part of the dress or a kind of top layer of your minimalist outfit - whatever it comes, this will guarantee you a fresh, catchy look.

Lanvin Balenciaga Burberry


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