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One of the biggest fall 2020 trends: how to wear a leather coat

If last year cozy teddy bear coats were a favorite of many brands and fashion influencers, this season, they all dramatically changed the direction - the unconditional front-runner of fall 2020 is a leather coat!


Fendi Miu Miu


It seems like while working on their fall-winter 2020 collections some designers felt the coming of the dark times that we all live in now - at least this would explain their general nostalgia for black leather coats a la The Metrix. Fendi and Miu Miu offer to wear such a coat as the dress complemented with minimal accessories. However, this garment is definitely suitable for everything - you can wear it with a milky white turtleneck and dye baggy jeans to create a more casual outfit or combine it with over-the-knee boots and a short, slim dress to look sensual and powerful.


Richard Malone Kenzo


Although this season styles of leather coats are various, their color palette does not differ in a blaze of color, as it was in the previous season - the designers, as if by agreement, unanimously opted for a dark palette. Black, dark chocolate, navy blue, burgundy, and other shades of late fall prevailed on the runway. Richard Malone created the exquisite mix of dark blue leather coat and emerald knee-high boots, while Kenzo offered to combine its earth-toned long belted coat with a same-shade wool hat and light creamy boots.


Sportmax Alexander McQueen


If you can't live without lively colors, pay your attention to the wine leather coat as shown at Sportmax or more dairy tricolor option by Alexander McQueen. But be careful - any leather item in bright colors is a rather striking piece, so the first rule to follow here is not to overwhelm your outfit with contrast tones, silhouettes, materials, and flashy accessories. For the rest, feel free to experiment and use your chance to play the role of Vamp!


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