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So little is left before summer, which means it's high time to look for the perfect sunglasses that will come in handy not only on vacation, but also in everyday life. It is believed that first pieces were invented by the emperor Nero and were made using a very complex technology from thin plates of emerald and other minerals – it’s no doubt, it looked so *******able! Today, it’s much easier to find a dream accessory: for those who are looking forward to shopping and planning to replenish their wardrobe, we talk about the most fashionable sunglasses of the season - from classic cat eyes to models for snowboarders.

Tiffany & Co Eyewear, ss21

Glasses chain

1 – Guess, 2 – Jimmy Choo, 3 – Valentino

This season, one of the main trends is sunglasses with chains - stylish, effective and at the same time very practical. In the past, they were popular in the 1930s among bohemians, in the 1970s - among hippies, and now they are back in fashion again. You can find such models from Gucci, Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Versace and other brands, or you can take any glasses that you already have in your collection and customize them a little: add a thread of multi-colored beads, large beads, shells or pearls - in general, give complete freedom of your imagination and feel like a real designer.

Cat eye

1 – Brevno, 2 – Vogue Eyewear, 3 – Dolce & Gabbana

Cat eye frames with pointed top corners almost never go out of style, and summer 2021 will also be no exception to this rule either. According to stylists, they are so wildly popular because they suit absolutely everyone and at the same time they are well combined - both with minimalist pillar dresses and with nylon tracksuits in the style of the 1990s. Pay attention not only to rounded, but also more pointed and geometric ones - they have the perfect balance between the retro atmosphere, the desire for futurism and subtle notes of severity.

Decorated frames

1 – Philipp Plein, 2 – Balenciaga, 3 – Gucci

The classic is always a good idea, but a little bit of childishness never harms. Rhinestones, sequins, ridiculous prints and funny drawings: if you have long wanted to try on the Paris Hilton’s look from the early 2000s, this is the time. Framed sunglasses that look like they were designed by fairies and unicorns are a great option for anyone looking to add a bold touch to their outfit. They can replace massive earrings and necklaces at the same time and will definitely compete for the title of the most popular trend in social networks with Jacquemus and Bottega Veneta bags.

Colored lenses

1 – Andy Wolf, 2 – Armani Exchange, 3 – Karl Lagerfeld

The fact that this summer will be cool (especially compared to the past), we have no doubts, but sunglasses with colored lenses will help make it even brighter. Pink, blue, green, orange, purple and yellow – whatever you want. For a long time it was believed that wearing them is best in cloudy weather, since they are not very effective in protecting the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, but now you no longer have to sacrifice style for the sake of practicality. Now manufacturers of sunglasses cover them with a special anti-reflective coating and make them quite safe to wear in rainy city and on vacation on the ocean.

Bright frames

1 – Guess, 2 – Loewe, 3 – Andy Wolf

If colored lenses alone are not enough for you, bet on glasses with bright frames, which can be of absolutely of any shape, but most importantly - they must be noticeable from afar. It is not necessary to match them in shade to any other element of the look: wear this accessory with both total-black outfits and neon denim jumpsuits - this is exactly what Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Chiara Ferragni do.


1 – Dolce & Gabbana, 2 – Tiffany & Co Eyewear, 3 – Max Mara

Oversize turned out to be one of the most "tenacious" among all fashion trends, which affected not only clothes and shoes, but also accessories. This season, slim-frame sunglasses in the style of the 1990s will be replaced by the largest models that literally cover half of the face. They can be whimsical - like carnival masks or mountaineering gear, or quite graceful - they look perfect with slip dresses, pleated skirts or wide trousers made of mother-of-pearl satin.

Sporty style

1 – Kenzo, 2 – Brevno, 3 – Prada

Sporty sunglasses also have their own micro-trends: the main hit of this season will be the most futuristic models that resemble alpine skiing equipment. Look for them in the collections of Burberry, Rick Owens and Balenciaga, and wear them with biker jackets and pink marshmallow dresses reminiscent of princess outfits.

Black lenses

1 – Linda Farrow, 2 – Andy Wolf, 3 – Vogue

This season, glasses will not only be a stylish accessory, but also a way to isolate yourself from the outside world: along with bright and colorful models, options with impenetrable black lenses will become another notable trend for summer 2021, through which it will be simply impossible to see your gaze - no matter how hard you try. While everyone around will think what a mysterious character is hidden behind such "armor", you can imagine yourself as a spy performing a secret mission, or without the slightest remorse, consider all the nice guys passing by, while remaining completely unnoticed.

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