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The Biggest Fashion Trends That Will Dominate in 2022

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10 Aug 2021

Despite the fact that there are still five months before the new year, fashion designers predict future trends in advance. Fashion Weeks make it clear that a lot of interesting is ahead: the return of the low waist and power dressing style, the victory of neon over neutral shades, fancy accessories in the form of fur bags and sneakers with a pointed toe – we’re going to tell you what items will become it-pieces in 2022 and what clothes are worth looking at right now.

Bright coats

For a long time, it was believed that only classic pastel-colored coats had a place in the basic wardrobe, but in the fall-winter 2021 season, designers staged a real rebellion against this rule. Prada, Sacai, Nina Ricci and many other brands have presented not just bright, but even neon models of different styles - from "robes" with a belt at the waist to dimensionless "cocoons" that will not only warm in cold weather, but also cheer up.

Pointed toe sneakers

Pointed toe sneakers

Despite the fact that romance and tenderness are gradually returning to fashion, the influence of sports style is still very strong. One of the most controversial, but spectacular trends of the next year will be sneakers with a pointed toe, which perfectly fit into the category of ugly shoes. So far, even stars and fashion influencers don’t dare to wear them, but in a couple of months, these shoes will gradually fill big city streets and our ******* newsfeeds.

"Grandma's knitwear"


Another trend of the cold season will be knitwear, especially sweaters, cardigans and vests, which look as old-school as possible. To find this item, you don't have to spend hours in vintage shops or rummage around in a dusty country attic - very soon they will appear in the assortment of both luxury and mass-market brands.

Fur bags


One of the main fabric next year is fur, which will decorate not only coat collars, but also shoes, accessories and bags. If you prefer a more discreet style, pay attention to models in natural shades, with which you can even go to the office, but if you like to shock, then feel free to wear pink, green and yellow colors, as well as animal prints - like a leopard, zebra or plumage exotic birds.

Outdoor style down jackets


If you are looking for a down jacket that perfectly combines fashion and comfort, look for outdoor jackets, similar to extreme sports equipment. They not only look catchy and unusual, but also protect from cold and wind, and also fit into everyday looks cool. So, they can be worn with relaxed boots and heeled boots - the choice depends only on weather conditions ...

Black pantsuit

Gabriela Hirst, Miuccia Prada, Donatella Versace - all these designers are united by the fact that, creating their latest collections, they turned to the looks of strong women and came to the conclusion that nothing emphasizes sexuality and strength as pantsuits. In 2022, they will definitely become the main symbol of power dressing and a must-have for the basic wardrobe, because they can be worn not only with white shirts in the office, but also with translucent bras for parties.



Woolen, terry, fur, puffy and leather – to keep your hands warm this winter, pay attention to mittens. For example, short models are suitable for sheepskin coats and down jackets, the high ones - for vests and capes, and decorated with rhinestones or sequins - for bright coats in the style of the 2000s. By the way, they need to be worn not only in order to complement the look, but also to protect hand skin.

High fur boots


The uggs and moonboots, which were in fashion last winter, will be replaced by fur boots, which became the main shoes at the Chanel and Miu Miu shows. They finally proved that the era of high heels in everyday life is a thing of the past. No doubt, you’ll want to wear these ski boots with apres-ski style items - puffy overalls, sweaters with Norwegian prints and knitted trousers, but we advise you to experiment and combine them with pleated skirts and column dresses - it will also work out.

"Naked" dresses

The biggest hit of the Oscars, Grammys, the Cannes Film Festival and other red carpets, which everyone had missed a lot during the pandemic, were translucent "naked" dresses. In 2022, thanks to Shanina Shaik, Emily Ratajkowski and other stars, they will become part of not only evening, but also everyday fashion. If you hesitate, wear such dresses with oversized jackets or leather jackets, but if you are bold enough, then refuse them.

Low-rise jeans

Low-rise jeans in the style of Britney Spears at the beginning of her career are still the subject of debate: someone thinks that they all need to be collected in one place and burned, while someone wears them with great pleasure. Be that as it may - in the next seasons, the bare navel and lower back will only become more popular. That’s why even the most conservative fashionistas won’t be able to resist this trend.


If you bought an ultra-fashionable bra this summer, don’t rush to put it away: not so long ago, designers figured out how to adapt it for other seasons. This technique consists of wearing brightly colored bras right over clothing - shirts, dresses, turtlenecks and bodysuits - as an additional accessory. First, try on this look for a party, and then repeat it in everyday life - this stroke will make your look sparkle with new colors.

Oversized fur coats


In recent months, several large fashion houses, including Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga, have become fur-free. They didn’t forget about this fabrics, but switched to its more eco-friendly counterparts. In 2022, many designers offer us to wear not only sports down jackets, but also fur coats that are great even for extreme frosts. Going shopping, pay attention to the voluminous oversized models of gray-brown color.

Romantic dresses

Despite the fact that the "Bridgertons" premiere took place in last December, its influence on the fashion world was so great that it hasn’t lost its strength to this day. Fans of the show, which tells about the life of British aristocrats, amicably fell in love not only with the beautiful Duke of Hastings (Rege Page), but also with the outfits of his beloved Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) - dresses with lantern sleeves, lace, high waist, ruffles and frills, which, in a slightly more modern format, will remain in our wardrobes next year.

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