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Everybody knows that Paris is a magnet city not only for couples but for all fashionistas. Although Parisian chic and French style, in general, has long been a symbol of impeccable taste, the last year it has been all the rage. In this regard, we invite you to get acquainted with five completely different Frenchwomen who will make you look at the French style in a new way and not focus only on berets and light dresses with polka dots.


Jeane Damas

Jeane Damas has long been an icon of style and the epitome of the French lifestyle. The girl follows the rule "less is more" while choosing her outfits, so no matter what Jeane puts on - jeans, a trouser suit or a summer dress - she looks great anyway. Being a famous blogger, Damas launched her fashion brand Rouje, which produces clothes and red lipsticks, and also released the book "In Paris" together with journalist Lauren Bastide. By the way, it is a must-read to everyone who wants to know the real face of the "French charmers."



Leia Sfez

A native Parisian born in the family of an artist and designer, Leia Sfez seems to have acquired a sense of style with her mother's milk. The girl positions herself as an art director, and advises brands behind the scenes of her *******, which has become a real guide to the classic Parisian style. Leia is a fan of minimalism, favoring simple cut and timeless items such as showy-white shirts, perfectly fitted jeans, blazers, and jackets.



Lou Doillon

Lou Doillin is another lucky woman who was born with a good taste in her blood. Lou Doillon is an Anglo-French actress, singer and model, and also the daughter of the incomparable Jane Birkin. Due to her non-standard appearance, she starred in magazines and advertising campaigns for brands such as Givenchy, Vanessa Bruno, Chloé, La Redoute, Lee Cooper, Gap, Mango, and H&M from early youth. The Doillon style is very daring and bold - she loves to wear blazers on her naked body, deep necklines, a leopard print, and big boots. Glam rock is still alive!



Lena Simone

Lena Simone is a charming model, Virgil Abloe's muse and just compassionate person. Lena often comes up with an initiative to help the needy - she organizes collecting things for all those in need together with her friends and other activists. On her *******, the model uploads photos from the shootings, meetings with friends, as well as the cute ones of her beloved, Belgian rapper Roméo Elvis.




Louise Follain

Louise Follain can rightfully be considered the most seductive Frenchwoman on *******. Sloppy fringe, red lipstick, and a love of vintage - the model seemed to have gone off the screen of a French film of the 70s. The girl adores retro shots, and her wardrobe reflects this. The list of her fashion icons includes Eli McGraw, Diane Keaton, and all the heroines of the Friends series. The fashionista publishes spectacular images of herself, Parisian streets, rare finds from vintage stores, and many other pleasant little things that will instantly take you to France.



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