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Not only for men! Raf Simons is launching a womenswear line

Belgian designer Raf Simons announced the launch of his first-ever clothing line for women. The debut collection will be shown on the 23 of October. Let's remind that not a long time ago Raf Simons became co-creative director of Prada, so later this month the designer is going to present his first collection for the Italian brand as well. We feel like it's going to be a very busy and curious fashion season!

Even though Raf Simons specialized exclusively in menswear, there were many girls among the fans of the brand. That is why, according to Hypebeast, some retailers like MatchesFashio have been selling the selected Raf Simons garments in the 'For women' section.


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The designer shared the news about the launch of Raf Simon's women's collection on the brand's Instagram. However, he kept the format of the show a secret, urging its followers to stay tuned for more updates.


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